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Have you actually tried using a Surface on your lap? I have with the touch cover and kickstand, and it works great. I have both an iPad and a Surface RT, and I actually prefer using the Surface on my lap with the kickstand/keyboard over the iPad (particularly when I need to do more than just browse the web or play a game - i.e., when I need to do more typing). It works surprisingly well - way better than using an iPad with your thumbs or trying to balance it on your legs...
After using a Surface with a touch keyboard cover (which works exceptionally well), I really would like something like it for the iPad. I wish Apple would implement something like that.
Not too long ago I switched from an iPhone 5 to give a Windows Nokia 920 a try. The 4.5" screen makes a world of difference for me - I find it easier to browse, read news, etc. directly on my phone rather than reaching for my iPad or a computer.    I don't think I would want to go any bigger than that with a phone though.   To be honest - I think at this point it would take a lot to get me to switch back to iPhone now that I have been using Windows Phone 8. About the...
This is too bad. Although, I am not going to give up my iPhone anytime soon, I recently checked out the HTC 8X and it's a really great Windows phone - build quality is good, great camera, sleek design, etc. Feels solid and not cheap at all. And the Windows phone system is so much better than Android IMO - while there is not as many apps in the store, it's quick and easy to use and a real alternative to iOS that offers something truly different.
  Listen - I have been a member of this forum a lot longer than you - and everything I posted about is absolutely true and honest to my experience with Windows. I may not post a lot, but when I have an opinion and I feel like sharing it, I do.  If you don't like the way I composed my post or phrased things, so be it. But don't try to suggest that I am not being sincere in what I am writing. There is no astroturfing here.    I like to try everything and give things a...
I may be in the minority, but after spending some time with Windows 8 have found myself really liking it. I spouted a lot of hate for Windows 8 until I actually gave a true and fair chance by actually using it for a bit of time (not just trying it for few minutes in a store). I have been gravitating to my Lenovo Twist laptop/tablet hybrid over both my iPad and MacBook a lot lately. And when I am on my MacBook or iPad, I miss some of the ways that the Windows 8 tile...
  Not if you are on an iPad. It would be great to have cross platform - or as an alternative free integrated SMS through the web (like Google provides for free with Google Voice) - on iPad.
  I agree - and it's going to bite them in the ass at some point if they don't eventually do that. 
  I agree.    Also - in my opinion - iTunes should be a web-based interface adaptable to different platforms, and focused on media/content. Currently it tries to do too many things, is cumbersome and my least favorite Apple program to use.
  Exactly - barely ever use my iPhone as an actual phone. It gets mostly used for iMessage (and other instant messaging), email, web, Pandora, etc. I have considered going the VOIP route with an iPad Mini to handle the occasional calls -- with LTE service (and even good 3G service) it seems that there would be good enough speed that it should work well. 
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