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  I agree - and it's going to bite them in the ass at some point if they don't eventually do that. 
  I agree.    Also - in my opinion - iTunes should be a web-based interface adaptable to different platforms, and focused on media/content. Currently it tries to do too many things, is cumbersome and my least favorite Apple program to use.
  Exactly - barely ever use my iPhone as an actual phone. It gets mostly used for iMessage (and other instant messaging), email, web, Pandora, etc. I have considered going the VOIP route with an iPad Mini to handle the occasional calls -- with LTE service (and even good 3G service) it seems that there would be good enough speed that it should work well. 
  With a bluetooth handset or headset it could work well -- and eliminate the need for two different devices that essentially do a lot of the same things. 
Agree - including this photo is misleading and really has nothing to do with the story.  
They have to drop the numbers at some point - and it seems to be fine with MacBooks and iMacs - you don't see "MacBook 5" or "iMac 6" - it's just MacBook and iMac. The simplest and easiest in my opinion is to let the name be the name with the release timing indicating the specific model, just like the do with their computers.
I would like this - I could see using the iPad mini as a speaker phone or via bluetooth (without the need to carry a cell phone also). 
If HBO would offer just an HBO Go subscription (without the need to have a cable connection), they would give Netflix streaming some very serious competition. It would be great have the option on Apple TV. Also, it would be nice to have the option to purchase current HBO and Showtime shows with a "season pass" through iTunes.
It's a response to market saturation   The smartphone market is quickly moving toward market saturation (particularly in the U.S. and parts of Europe). Many people who want a smartphone (and can afford the phone and monthly cost of the plan contract) already have one. It's not quite there yet, but it is coming quickly.  As the smartphone market reaches...
The Detroit area is where Element Electronics has started assembling TV in the U.S. earlier this year - they are the only TV company assembling TVs in the United States. This shows that other companies have looked to Detroit as an area to make it work, so it makes sense that it's a consideration for Foxconn and Apple as well.
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