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I would like this - I could see using the iPad mini as a speaker phone or via bluetooth (without the need to carry a cell phone also). 
If HBO would offer just an HBO Go subscription (without the need to have a cable connection), they would give Netflix streaming some very serious competition. It would be great have the option on Apple TV. Also, it would be nice to have the option to purchase current HBO and Showtime shows with a "season pass" through iTunes.
It's a response to market saturation   The smartphone market is quickly moving toward market saturation (particularly in the U.S. and parts of Europe). Many people who want a smartphone (and can afford the phone and monthly cost of the plan contract) already have one. It's not quite there yet, but it is coming quickly.  As the smartphone market reaches...
The Detroit area is where Element Electronics has started assembling TV in the U.S. earlier this year - they are the only TV company assembling TVs in the United States. This shows that other companies have looked to Detroit as an area to make it work, so it makes sense that it's a consideration for Foxconn and Apple as well.
I started working in the 1980s at a grocery store in the U.S. when I was 13. And many, many others start working at younger ages in the U.S. (both regular jobs and under the table work). It may be technically against the law in China, but unless this was a sweatshop type of situation where they were working them around the clock, there is really no "newsworthy" story here.
Personally, I would rather have the scuffs and scratches than wrap the phone in a case. You just need to get over the idea of a phone being a precious piece that has to remain in pristine condition. Look at scuffs and scratches as adding character.    But I will acknowledge it is annoying to have them straight out of the box before you even touched the phone. They should at least be your scuffs and scratches -- and not factory applied scuffs and scratches.
  First, a phone is a lot different than the accessories, so your Android analogy just doesn't make much sense here.    You don't seem to get my point regarding the cables/adapters. I never argued against it being Apple's rules and they get to set the price, etc. That's obviously the case. I was just saying that they are overpricing them for what they do and what they are, and that's why people look to knock offs instead. It also doesn't paint a real nice picture for...
  But this is not a pro-level cable in anyway. I have purchased pro-level cables and equipment for music, and this does not fall into any similar category. Again, this is a phone accessory.       I don't mind paying a bit more for a better quality cable, but Apple's price is significantly more. They don't have to be offered as cheap as the knock offs (of course), but bringing them a little closer so no one even bothers to look for an alternative to purchase would be a...
If Apple would just sell the cables at a reasonable and fair cost, they may make more money because then not as many people would go looking for a knock-off alternative. Plus it would provide some good will for all the people who purchase their devices.    $30 for a cable or adapter is crazy - and leaves me with a negative feeling about buying into the Apple ecosystem on an otherwise overwhelmingly positive experience. It doesn't have to be that way and...
At least they are keeping the current plans in place for current and new customers - so everyone still has those options. This is just providing additional choices (although not great choices). Much smarter than Verizon forcing all new customers to go on a "Share Everything" plan with no option to choose from the old style plans.
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