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[quote]Originally posted by FotNS: I guess I was in such a hurry to point out your poor logic that my typing got a little sloppy.
Kiss my A$$
....don't know that it makes sense..just asking a question. Makes about as much sense as "fiewwire".
Does USB 2 have the same connectors as firewire? Or is it the same as USB 1? If it is different, do you have to have something special to run USB 2 on a mac? I heard that you can use USB 1 on it but it makes it slow as heck.
I would beat the crap out of him with an Apple Pro keyboard. [Chilling]
works fine for me...seems a little snappier on my 600 iBook
[quote]Originally posted by richard788: Trouble is where do I get it? http://maccentral.macworld.com/news/0206/17.ie.php
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=37497&area=top&ordinal=7 It doesn't appear to be for OS X
Name: Tristan Age: 25 Occupation: Unix System Admin Old System: Where do I start. 2 many to count New System: ibook 600 combo (just to see if i liked this apple thingy), 800 superdrive iMac (yep i like this apple thingy) soon to be powerbook 800 Reason for switching: Got tired of trying to find the right version of linux that had a nice GUI. Red Hat is okay. Mandrake is probably the easiest to use (GUI that is)..and tried other flavors, slackware, FreeBSD, etc. But I...
[quote]Originally posted by wolfeye155: Nope you did it right. Just drag the question mark out of the dock.
errr.......ummm...... Thanks! ....such an idiot am i [Embarrassed] Just goes to show you. I am new to Mac and was trying to make it so complicated. I went to the terminal and did a find / -name "omniweb*" trying to find a link......sometimes I make it tooooo...
Now I have a stupid question mark on the dock. All I did was drag the omniweb icon to the trash. Was this not right?
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