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Sure it is cheating. At best those speeds in continued processing would result in abhorrent battery life, and at worst—and not terribly unlikely over some short span of time—it could result in hardware failure. Benchmarks are only meaningful if they work under the same conditions that any other app would.
Unless this ClearType technology is magical in a way normal Windows 8 ClearType technology is not, it is inferior to the font-smoothing and resampling capabilities that have been in OS X (and iOS) for a while now. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it is the same technology as found in Windows 8. Also, even if it was just as good, it can't automatically make up for a lower resolution.
Yeah... I never said otherwise.
Apple is still growing so why shouldn't the stock continue to grow with it?As for the actual number, it doesn't mean anything between stocks unless you actually account for the other values that determine that number.Berkshire Hathaway is currently going for $134,670 a share, but that means nothing relative to Apple.
I would say it depends on who they target with it. It looks like people are assuming that these are 'junk apps', or created generally with some kind of underhanded interest in mind, but there are also apps like AppShopper which could be interpreted as existing in violation of this new rule. It is clear that AppShopper hopes to make money off the Apple ecosystem, but I'm not sure if any particularly meaningful number of people would confuse it with Apple's service, and it...
Pandora is free and ad-supported. Depending on the platform through which you are listening to Pandora, ads of some form or another will make an appearance (frequently music-related and localized). For example, on iOS there will be an advertisement at the bottom of the screen (eh) and, on relatively infrequent occasions, an audible add will play. I'm not aware of any monthly fee. You can (last time I checked) pay $36/year for 'Pandora One', which allows you to play music...
Pandora is a pretty fantastic service, quite unlike anything you've described above.It is worth giving it a shot if only to discover why it is different.I personally like to control my own music, but I've discovered a lot of fantastic music through Pandora.
For the consumer market there's GIMP and Pixelmator, depending on the approach someone wants to take, but no comparison on a professional level. If someone is going to come along and compete with a program like Photoshop it is going to have to be something which evolves slowly to compete with it over time. Maybe something like Pixelmator can become just that. It would be nice for Adobe to have a little more pressure on pricing and features.
I don't recall suggesting that people should report the problem, nor would I expect that to be a reasonable solution. But on the other hand, with a project of this scale, Apple does have to release at some stage of readiness which pales in comparison to Google while depending on users to evolve the data to the next level (presuming they actually do a decent job of following up on reported 'problems'). I'm not sure how realistic it would be to expect otherwise. That said, I...
I actually didn't think of that up until I saw mention of it somewhere in a discussion. I suppose I simply assumed that Google Maps wouldn't be very well optimized for mobile devices, but in retrospect that was a little silly of me. I'll be doing just this for transit directions. Hopefully Google Maps comes out in the App Store. For most things, I'm actually really liking the update. I'm in a city that appears to be well-populated. Zooming and navigation are much smoother...
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