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He can be forgiven for slipping up on a technology prediction like the mouse's future, but that is but one small contribution to a pool of idiocy he's written. He's certainly not someone people should be taking seriously.Part of me thinks it would be hilarious to see Apple mucking around with Google in the search business but I have absolutely no faith in their ability to create a quality, competitive search engine to Google. I'd rather see them help and support a project...
Nothing is free, but it's important to know the cost. Price tags are much easier to measure than privacy.
I imagine some of that is due to all the discussion about CurrentC/MCX, and the stunts pulled by Rite Aid and CVS. It's actually spreading awareness about not only Apple Pay, but Google Wallet as well. In any case, I'm glad. Increased adoption of Google Wallet can only help Apple Pay as well. And hurt adoption of the very customer unfriendly and insecure CurrentC.
Curious what you mean here. What would be different about purchasing tracks you want to keep in unison with a streaming service? Whether from iTunes in unison with another Apple Streaming service, or from any other digital music retailer? Or are you instead talking about something more integrated, like the option to purchase a track you listen to through iTunes Radio (or competing services like Pandora) now?
"MCX defends CurrentC against Apple Pay controversy, says sensitive customer data is saved in the cloud" "Apple Pay competitor CurrentC hacked, alerts pilot program participants of security breach" LOL
Yeah... much of GTAT's response and executives' actions look very suspicious.But we need a whole lot more investigation and accountability of crime in business anyway.Particularly where stocks and Wall Street come into play.
Doubtful. It probably was as simple as GTAT not living up to their end of the contract. Maybe they simply got in over their heads. To speculate where drama took place beyond that, though, is a bit of a reach in that even if drama did take place somewhere it would be hard to guess without good information. And if Apple really had acted in bad faith relative to the contract we probably would have seen a different outcome.
I'm definitely having some trouble. On my Retina MBP (original) running Yosemite my Magic Trackpad is occasionally disconnecting and refusing to reconnect. This appears to happen when the computer's asleep, but I haven't observed closely enough to be confident of that. It will reconnect only after I restart the computer (other attempts to solve the problem have not worked). Once connected, however, it responds normally and without delay. I was having a few troubles before...
I'm looking forward to it simply because it will allow me to continue working on my computer during various conversations—presumably that's why I'm at my computer. I wouldn't do that with my wife, but I can think of numerous work-related phone calls that would be better served without holding a phone to my ear.
The state does a poor job of representing its population. At least in the United States.But this has nothing to do with artificially creating a human in any context. It is about a woman choosing to preserve her option to have children through her own biologically generated eggs.Lawmakers are the last people who should have a say in this. These are the same group of clowns who like to talk about how we need less government in our lives but jump at the opportunity to put the...
New Posts  All Forums: