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How about we leave it up to the women to decide what is right and wrong for their lives?
But then you have to be a BoA customer! Heaven help your poor soul...I think Discover also offered this feature.
If anything they need to ease up a bit. There's no excuse for the 8.0.1 mistake. And it does feel like iOS 7 and iOS 8 have been buggier releases than some before. I do like the general direction of adding features, though. Maybe the problem is matching the hardware release dates with major software launches.
Thanks for this—it answered the questions I was curious about reading through the comments.Another trojan hijacking alongside pirated software.
OLED has come a long way and is now an excellent top contender technology. But to call it 'far better than LCD' is completely inaccurate. There is good reading to be found over at DisplayMate: iPhone 6 Display Technology Shoot-Out.
This crap found my morning news. It's actually pretty slimy that it's making rounds in news sites, including this one. I would like to see people subjecting a range of phones to this kind of deliberate abuse. I wager many would shatter. That said, I'm sure the iPhone 6 won't be as durable as the 5. Rounded edges, a larger footprint—don't sit on it.
Heh... really? It couldn't have anything to do with a mass of customers switching over to their new iPhone 6? Or with the various network problems that were occurring on that day? Some form of this article could probably be run every year...
Water resistant, I'm honestly not sure. That seems like a worthwhile feature to add.But megapixels is a distraction. There is much more involved in a camera to produce high quality photographs than megapixels, and without those things (e.g. sensor, optics) you're just taking up more space to store lower quality photographs. The iPhone actually takes really excellent photographs for a mobile phone.
That the iPhone 5.5" is already sold out [for release day delivery] does not itself mean much. It means there's definitely some demand for it, and with the volume of products Apple creates that's something, but we won't really know how successful it is until Apple releases numbers later. We don't know how many were made. It could be anything from Apple making a good amount and still underestimating demand down to Apple making a small quantity due to a manufacturing...
Yeah, as bizarre as it might sound for people new to the process, this year was better.Just finished placing orders for myself and my wife. Both through the Apple Store app. And unlike two years ago, I actually got confirmation emails for both this time. And unlike two years ago, I'm going to bed a fair amount sooner. One of the checkouts didn't bring up the Apple Care screen for some reason, but whatever. That can be tacked on after the fact. Both orders are placed and...
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