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My point is that what I wrote was in the context of clinical depression.Edit: to entertain the discussion, I truly do believe that there are points where it would be suitable to pass away rather than continue. I, for example, would not want to be alive in a case where Alzheimer's had ravaged my mind to the point I recognized nobody and couldn't even take care of myself at the most basic level. In my opinion, we preserve some human beings for too long.
It, and similar circumstances, happen. At least in the US. And my comment applies to other theoretical circumstances, mentioned here, disconnected from the actual topic of clinical depression such as being on fire with a gun nearby.
I know it is long after the discussion, but I wanted to reply to say that I do agree with you here. If I'm a vegetable sustained in a hospital I want to be allowed to die. I think you understood that a circumstance such as this was outside the purview of my response, though.
None of those things buy happiness. They help, but there are far more important things in life. And this fundamentally misunderstands what depression truly is. Which is to say, depression is much more than 'a + b + c = happy', or even the standard reasoning people might apply to their lives. It can be something much deeper, with potential biological ties, and plenty of other factors like substance abuse (e.g. some drugs and alcohol) can have a dramatic cause or serve as...
I haven't read all the replies, but...1) I believe there is a single key sleep mode. Play/Pause for five seconds? I haven't used it in a while. If memory serves, you need to be on the home screen to make it work. Shortcut to get there? Hold the menu button down in an app and it will exit to the home screen.2) The Apple TV—at least recent models, not sure if this feature is relevant to iteration—will put itself to sleep after a period of inactivity. Hence this isn't...
And absolutely nobody in any of those professions worth a grain of salt as an employee is going to base future decisions on that not entirely accurate fallacy. What will determine, in the future, whether businesses upgrade from whatever they're jumping to will be whether existing machines can handle the new operating system, whether existing software can handle the new operating system, and ultimately, whatever costs and benefits are associated with that upgrade.
I picked it up too on my laptop.
Seems like a big overreaction to me. The 'ties' as discussed are selling Nest products in Apple Stores—not some kind of profound collaboration. They're still, for the time being, extremely well designed products which reflect Apple standards. If they're dropped from the Apple Store it wouldn't be because they don't have a place there as products which add value to iOS and reflect Apple design principles.That could change if all of Tony's talk about their ToS, principles,...
I wouldn't imagine that they would drop the iPhone 5 size for a new model exclusively released in a new size. The iPhone 5 screen is pretty much as big as these devices can be for comfortable one-handed use (and even then, the iPhone 5 is pushing boundaries). It is clear that there is an audience for a larger screen, but there is also a very large audience for a phone which is comfortably operated with one hand.
Yep. And you get extra characters who are subject to the same limitation, but you can jump between them.It is an model designed exclusively to extract money from people, but it doesn't need to ruin the game. It just means you can only complete birds*5 runs in a sitting, which is really a decent amount of gameplay. Then do other things. But that's not the only money-getting model in the game. As a sum, they may simply be too much. Including a $40 cart is a joke and a shame...
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