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This lawsuit is so bizarre to me. Amazon's monopoly over this industry was extremely strong and they weren't afraid to abuse it (not to say that would have warranted legislation in its own right). Apple comes along with the others and builds an alternative. It, too, is not all cherry-filled happiness, but it has broken apart the Amazon monopoly and now the market is starting to show some more options. And then the DoJ comes along with what almost seems like a radical...
"Sometimes reliable" is a shit term for DigiTimes. You should include 'DigiTimes' in the article title so I know not to waste my time reading what is almost sure to be complete drivel.
I didn't see any demonstration of rubber-banding in the videos.As for pinch to zoom, the DiamondTouch demo uses a similar gesture to size something but not to zoom in or out on anything. I'm not sure how that applies to patent law today, though I'm not too sure about granting patents on something like 'pinch to zoom' anyway. It does seem like a pretty natural gesture and I'm surprised this much reaching is needed in the first place.
Yeah, like some others I'd prefer those are kept outside the machine in the form of a UPS. While I imagine Apple could build a more efficient backup power supply if they really wanted to, it is nice to have an external device to deal with when the battery (or the device) goes bad, and it is also nice to keep that weight (they are really heavy—especially if rated well enough to tend a Mac Pro) out of the computer.
... with per-device fees which make them largely immaterial for swaths of users.
Perhaps referring to the smallest denomination of the ruler.
Probably not as significant a number as you might think. Most users will probably just assume it is the latest upgrade of the Maps application. And beyond that, depending on accuracy, there might not be a whole lot of reason to stop using the Apple maps application anyway. Depending on accuracy, the only reason I can think of why I might still want a Google Maps app would be for transit system directions. And regular use is the thing Google would care about.
What did you think it would cost?
Upgrade worked out well for me so far. I have it on my Retina MacBook Pro but I'm holding of on the Mac Pro for a tiny bit. The only thing which is striking me as odd is that blue throbber progress bar Safari uses when loading pages (it probably wouldn't annoy me as much with a slower connection). And Mountain Lion again disabled that handy little accessibly option for zooming in on a part of the screen. I suppose it probably just moved.The Apple Support Forum will always...
I can't speak for the software, but I'm a web designer and can speak for the websites. It isn't actually very difficult. It took me a little while to get used to it (some design practices need to be changed to support it), but now that I've prepared numerous graphics and sprites for high-DPI displays, has has become pretty second-nature to me. It's extremely easy to do for new designs. Established websites (such as the very large commercial website I maintain for my...
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