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PS3 was a success for the company even before it turned profitable. Without PS3 the HD war would have been very different, and it could have been Sony that was hemorrhaging money like Toshiba is right now. Sales of the PS3 are picking up more and more and manufacturing cost is going to keep going down (especially with the natural cost drops of progressive technology and the widespread implementation of Blu-ray). PS3 also now has some real heavy-hitters coming in the near...
In honesty, it is clumsy with all the images. Use CSS to make sure they are relegated to the background and do all styling in CSS. Use borders whenever possible (as opposed to images). It should be easy to read and easy to highlight/select text. I would play with font sizes and colors to make it more readable. Edit: Make sure the page is compatible with font-size zooming features of major browsers. You are going in the direction of something fun, though.
How many people who rag on the ol' Mac Mini have actually used one? I wanted a Mac Pro but at the time I needed it I didn't like the configurations available from Apple. I also knew some of the great technology we have today would be coming out. For years I had been doing all of my graphics and web design work on a PowerMac, but with the introduction of Intel chips I needed to move forward to save a lot of money (thanks to the potential this new type of Mac would bring...
Apple spends hoards of money on R&D, money on carefully designing cases and hardware to meet very unique needs, a very large sum on talented employees, and does some really incredible hardware testing. If Apple had half the problems that plague new hardware releases from other manufacturers their very vocal fan-base would be in a complete uproar. When someone buys one of the new Gateways which has a high chance of non-functional USB ports they don't blog all over the...
I was having this problem while I was using Azureus. I'm not sure if Comcast's bandwidth throttling had something to do with it or if it was a settings issue. As soon as I stopped using Azureus the problem went away completely. Not sure if this is related at all to the discussion at Apple's forum.
Utter nonsense. Utter nonsense to the point of being entertaining.
You're right. I wouldn't have entertained such a nonsensical discussion anyway. From a marketing standpoint the iPhone has already accomplished something which was previously unheard of in the mobile industry and everyone is benefiting from it, iPhone or not. Apple's sales numbers can speak for themselves. And I'll wager a large chunk of the 'missing' iPhones are placing calls in regions like Europe.
*Laughs* Where do people get this sort of nonsense? In what possible regard is it a failure as a product?
I don't think the problem is the location of the program file as the CS3 file will be named accordingly. It is a problem with the Adobe folder, which does not play nicely with both active CS2 and CS3 apps on the computer. I know it is possible to get some Adobe programs working side-by-side and you can probably learn about it with some diligent internet searching. You might also consider calling Adobe support -- they may entertain you request.
That reads like a marketing pitch for Linux. No sense in expecting anything to the contrary from Torvalds. Heaven forbid an Operating System should follow the same structure as nearly every other program out there (major releases and incremental releases). And heaven forbid a company should try to make their commercial product enticing. Heck, why wouldn't this apply to freeware? Heaven forbid Firefox 3 should have exciting features worthy of promotion. They would...
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