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Yeah... but you missed my point. I dislike the frequency of reported failures. Not the fact that failures exist.
Additionally, read the Samsung drive reviews at NewEgg. People are talking about DOA fails far more frequently than I would like.
This, along with an Apple phone, has been one of my dream products for years. Edit: And yes, they MUST use the full space available in most cars! No half-size small-buttoned crap is acceptable!
Really strange... You could try entering the DNS settings for OpenDNS to see if that solves the problem? (Check the site for details and follow the instructions; undo them when you finish if it does not). It is a little bit of a stretch, but your problem is also pretty strange. This probably won't be the case if other computers at your house work. Trying Firefox is definitely something to do. It helps to narrow down the problem.
I don't really care about a price drop.* People concerning themselves excessively about that are making a pretty short-sighted decision, I think. They should be looking at the long-term cost of service as that is what determines a phone's real cost. Compare the iPhone and AT&T's current plans to that of other smart phones and you'll probably start to see a great value. *And when I say I don't care, I mean I like Apple's price point for a quality product and would be...
Dusty! So named due to his habit, as a kitten, of accumulating all the filth from around the house—behind the refrigerator, under ledges, above the cabinets—only to spread it around the house. I use the Zune theme because it matches his fur and eyes. And yeah, but that is actually a pretty good picture of him. He's so hard to get a good focus on (due to a lack of enthusiasm for photography) that his nose does nicely!I use four spaces. I do most of my work in the first...
Haha... same here. All the people I advise and help with computers are holding off on Leopard until I have a chance to investigate 10.5.2. Neither 10.5.0 or 10.5.1 were really appropriate, in my opinion, for a person who must depend on their computer at all times. I know 10.5.1 can be made to work like a dream but, for a client, that shouldn't require paying me a bunch of extra money. Here's hoping 10.5.2 is golden! I've been using Leopard since it came out.
I take it you don't have the exact error? That would help in researching it. That said, I decided running Parallels off a Boot Camp partition was a big mistake. It introduces far too many new bugs that you don't have to deal with when simply using an image. If you can, create a new Windows image just for Parallels and optimize it for use as a virtual environment. You'll be happier and you can store it on another drive (improving speed and freeing up space on your main...
For you, yeah, there would be a pretty decent difference. It is due in large part to the better video card.
Macbook Pro, 15" Configured to suit your fancy. Portability lands you with a laptop. Aperture (and any heavy work in the likes of Photoshop or Illustrator) means you will be much better off with a proper video card (especially if time = money) and that is not something the Macbook offers. Macbook can handle what you are doing, but not anywhere near as well as a 15" MBP. Get a nice 7200 RPM hard drive aftermarket with your RAM for bonus happiness and saved...
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