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"Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with..."   I'm suspicious of that (and the specificity of that statement). This seems quite like their recent advertising campaign, but it takes some balls to come out and say you had nothing to do with it when there's a good chance it will be traced back to you if you did. Some kind of entity was behind this. Quite coordinated. Some money changed hands.
Huh... I wonder how this will relate to Cafe Macs, which I was under the impression served largely the same purpose.   Maybe employees can't bring outside guests to this one? Amusing, given Cafe Macs is behind security, and the title suggests this one will be an independent building.   (P.S. This new template is so awkward. It feels incomplete.)
Get with the times! Our irrational disdain is to be directed at Google now.
Been here since 2007 and this surprises you?Greenpeace hounding Apple is nothing new.And unlike Consumer Reports, this is the Greenpeace status quo.
That was my thought, too: that this wouldn't change until AT&T received suitable pressure from the government to make the change. I'm cynical enough to believe there was still some kind of behind-the-scenes pressure behind this. The only other explanation I can imagine is that they somehow calculated that the move would bring in more customers than it would free.
I'm still surprised they decided to do this. AT&T isn't known for making changes born from the kindness in their hearts.
If I'm reading this correctly, if you have an iPhone which is no longer associated with an active AT&T account and that account has been settled (including through an early termination fee) it can be unlocked. For example, if I decide to get my 'new iPhone' through Verizon and pay an ETF to AT&T, it looks like I can have my orphaned iPhone unlocked after I have concluded that transaction.
I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. Looking at the Macs in the store, the two computers which skip this stage are the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro. Excluding the Mac Pro is obvious and I can see how the MacBook Pro logic might fall into place. Other models include the additional instruction opportunity. I can imagine this is based on their understanding of their customers through information gathered on the website. You would have to elaborate on 'combine the nice...
My guess is that they found that people are browsing through the store for information in addition to making a purchase. In other words, not everyone is you. It is not uncommon for 'normal' computer users (i.e. people who aren't technology experts or power users) to browse websites in ways which would seem strange to the sort of person who frequents this forum. That splash screen was probably their ham-fisted solution to the problem, serving as an intermediary stage for...
There's something which isn't going to happen.
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