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Were local officials given such a blurry drawing?
But Siri's response uses "wavey". I think that's what he meant by non-Amierican spelling.
I recently took a road trip from South Florida up to PA and back and used Apple Maps all the way. Most of the time I was on the interstates, but took some smaller roads too. All I have to say is that the accuracy of the heavy traffic symbols was almost creepy.
Pei Wei is a mini "faster food" version of PF Changs. Scaled down version of the PF Changs menu. You order at the counter and they bring it to your table.
Not sure if Macy's is supposed to take ApplePay, but I tried it last weekend. The transaction showed up on my iPhone 6 and when I pressed the TouchID, I got the confirmation sound and it said "Done". But the cashier said it didn't go through. So I swiped my card. When I checked my account later, it showed only one transaction. On the other hand, here in the south, Publix supermarkets is big. I asked a manager (again) when they were getting ApplePay and she said it...
Those are some pretty tepid reviews. Sounds like they are most excited about the return of the Start Menu.
I heard this on NPR yesterday morning.
Not sure what you mean. You clearly expect there to be a new AppleTV from what you said in another thead.
iPhone, MacBook, headphones......Fashion-wise, isn't this what they call being too "matchy-matchy"?
I think we all know what the v2 version of all smart watches will look like after the Apple Watch is released. It'll be like smart phones after the iPhone, all over again.
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