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Doesn't the AppleTV come with some sort of diagnostic port?
Countdown to "Kake Winslet drops out of 'troubled' Steve Jobs biopic" in 3....2....1....
When I select Copy on an image, I can paste the image in a Pages document, so it is copying something. I don't know how to copy the URL of an image, except maybe from the address bar. I haven't applied the update yet on my iPhone 6.
Publix gave me a corporate weasley answer too, when I emailed them. I wasn't happy with it, but it's not enough to make me shop elsewhere. The oldest Publix in a sketchy neighborhood is still better by far than a brand new Winn Dixie. I literally go out of my way to shop at Publix for groceries. I also find it hard to believe they actually told you to leave, unless you were being belligerent or something.
@digitalclips I just emailed Publix asking when they will start accepting Apple Pay.
We did go through all the tabs in the router settings, via Airport Utility, but I don't remember doing anything with Firewall. I'm fairly certain that the firewall is not enabled. I did tell him that the way I was simulating being on two different networks was by connecting my MBP to my iPad's hotspot while my mini was on the home network. He said that using Back to Mac would not work over personal hotspots like that. But I'll double-check what you mentioned below when...
Yeah, I've seen that and several other support docs. All my settings are set properly according to the docs. And like I said, all this works when I have both my Macs on the same network. But it doesn't work over the internet. I also spent about 90 minutes on the phone with an Apple support engineer going through my settings. He just said it should work, but at the time both Macs were on the same network. I just haven't found a blog or article where anyone has...
I just got a second Mac (new Mac mini) for a vacation home so I'm trying to set up Back to Mac. My other device is a mid 2010 MacBook Pro. When both Macs are on the same network, everything works fine...file sharing, screen sharing...etc. But when I take my MacBook Pro back home, I cannot access the Mac mini over the internet. From all the articles I've seen, it doesn't seem like a lot of people have it working over the internet either. So does it actually work outside...
I've had two 15" MBPs. One from 2006 which this happened to. And my current mid-2010 that I just started to see this happen to.
Seriously? Hazel is great for all kinds of chores.
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