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I heard this on NPR yesterday morning.
Not sure what you mean. You clearly expect there to be a new AppleTV from what you said in another thead.
iPhone, MacBook, headphones......Fashion-wise, isn't this what they call being too "matchy-matchy"?
I think we all know what the v2 version of all smart watches will look like after the Apple Watch is released. It'll be like smart phones after the iPhone, all over again.
I see you shiver with anticip......
Doesn't the AppleTV come with some sort of diagnostic port?
Countdown to "Kake Winslet drops out of 'troubled' Steve Jobs biopic" in 3....2....1....
When I select Copy on an image, I can paste the image in a Pages document, so it is copying something. I don't know how to copy the URL of an image, except maybe from the address bar. I haven't applied the update yet on my iPhone 6.
Publix gave me a corporate weasley answer too, when I emailed them. I wasn't happy with it, but it's not enough to make me shop elsewhere. The oldest Publix in a sketchy neighborhood is still better by far than a brand new Winn Dixie. I literally go out of my way to shop at Publix for groceries. I also find it hard to believe they actually told you to leave, unless you were being belligerent or something.
@digitalclips I just emailed Publix asking when they will start accepting Apple Pay.
New Posts  All Forums: