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Where exactly under Playlists? I don't have a playlist called "U2" or "Songs of Innocence". Nothing under "Purchased Music" either. I've searched my library for both, in addition to the title of some of the songs in the album.....nothing.
I can't figure out how to get it. When I look at the album in iTunes, the button is grayed out and says "Purchased". But the album is not in my iTunes library, nor on my phone. Not sure what's going on.
Their announcements are underwhelming, rushed and half-baked???
My ecosystem is all Apple too.....so much so that I didn't even consider a Samsung refrigerator last weekend when I had to go out and buy one.
Excuse my ignorance, but how exactly do waterproof/resistant phones work? Does sound come out of the speaker holes? Does the microphone work? How is the headphone jack protected? All the buttons and switches that depress and move. How are these all sealed from water, but still operate correctly? Serious question.
When they figure that one out they should let the airlines know so they can stop bumping passengers off flights they intentionally oversold.
I thought Android phones had better battery life because their users don't actually DO anything with them.
Assuming any of this is correct, are batteries normally flexible? I've always thought they were pretty rigid components.
At this point, *everything* about a new iPhone is a rumor.
"Siri, close my windows.""I'm looking into your windows."
New Posts  All Forums: