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Excuse my ignorance, but how exactly do waterproof/resistant phones work? Does sound come out of the speaker holes? Does the microphone work? How is the headphone jack protected? All the buttons and switches that depress and move. How are these all sealed from water, but still operate correctly? Serious question.
When they figure that one out they should let the airlines know so they can stop bumping passengers off flights they intentionally oversold.
I thought Android phones had better battery life because their users don't actually DO anything with them.
Assuming any of this is correct, are batteries normally flexible? I've always thought they were pretty rigid components.
At this point, *everything* about a new iPhone is a rumor.
"Siri, close my windows.""I'm looking into your windows."
Wow, thanks! Now I can sleep at night.
That's hard to imagine, seeing all the the new and planned data centers Apple has coming online/being planned.
I don't see this as being any different than Apple taking away the floppy disc to make way for the DVD player. Or taking away the DVD player to make way for "download only". Or taking away the ethernet port to make way for "wireless only".....and probably a dozen other examples. Apple has done all this before; transitioning from one thing to another. Every time, people can't see how they will ever do without, but eventually, they do. Whatever the concern, Apple always...
So let's recap the assumptions a lot of folks seem to be making, if Apple puts out an iPhone with a headphone lightning adapter: 1) All new iPhones will *stop* coming with the appropriate headphones. 2) All old iPhones will *magically* be converted to lightning, making everyone have to go out and buy new headphones or an adapter. 3) Apple will *require* you to go out and buy the new iPhone that is incompatible with your headphones. 4) Now that Beats is owned by Apple,...
New Posts  All Forums: