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I see what you're saying about the Notifications panel and Control Center, but you are still taking your focus away from one thing to do another thing. It may be faster with those panels instead of switching back and forth between apps, but you are not doing two things at the same time.Same thing with your sports analogy. Even if you are a touch typist and you can type an email while your eyes are on the video, your focus is either thinking of the words you want to type...
I too struggle to see a real use case for side by side apps. If I needed to compare two documents where my eyes would scan back and forth between both documents, I can see how that would be beneficial. But how many times does that really happen? What other times do you need to be looking at two things at the same time for an extended period of time? I regularly copy/paste data between apps or look up something, and switching back and forth seems fine for those...
...right down to the lightning connector.
But a house with a real security system installed is more secure than a house where the installer did nothing but hang a fake cardboard alarm panel.
That's a bit of a stretch. I would consider software knowingly giving its users a false sense of security, a security issue.
Is that iPhone jailbroken? What is that gesture he uses to lock the iPhone? And how does he have 5 icons on the dock?
Lisa Lampanelli at the William Shatner roast:
It never occurred to me to even try to speak a list of different commands to Siri and expect her to go off and complete them. Some commands require user feedback like sending a text, Siri: "Shall I send it?" So you can verify she heard you correctly and is sending the text you want instead of some horrible autocorrected text.But when I issued two separated commands: 1) "Send Sam a text" 2) "Now show me a map of his house." She did it with no problem.
How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions
I'd expect ALL stamps to be collectors items in 50 years.I've never done it, but I'd expect you could just order them from www.usps.com
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