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It never occurred to me to even try to speak a list of different commands to Siri and expect her to go off and complete them. Some commands require user feedback like sending a text, Siri: "Shall I send it?" So you can verify she heard you correctly and is sending the text you want instead of some horrible autocorrected text.But when I issued two separated commands: 1) "Send Sam a text" 2) "Now show me a map of his house." She did it with no problem.
How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions
I'd expect ALL stamps to be collectors items in 50 years.I've never done it, but I'd expect you could just order them from www.usps.com
So all that fine print at the bottom of ads are for what, nothing? "Sequences shortened" "Professional driver on closed course" "Simulated images"
This sounds like the SETI@home program, right? Except for cancer instead of aliens.
Implantables, you say? (Caution, foul language.)
.....in a wheelchair.For everyone else, lighten up. Am I the only one that took this as tongue in cheek?
I'm not sure who you're talking about, but Ahrendts and Melinda Gates are both US citizens.
Ouch, that contact lens looks thick.
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