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Implantables, you say? (Caution, foul language.)
.....in a wheelchair.For everyone else, lighten up. Am I the only one that took this as tongue in cheek?
I'm not sure who you're talking about, but Ahrendts and Melinda Gates are both US citizens.
Ouch, that contact lens looks thick.
Years ago when I first set up my Airport Extreme, I remember setting up a custom message that says "Welcome to the network". So every time users join the network they get that message in a pop-up. For the life of me I can't find how to remove it. Long ago when I added it, the Airport Utility UI was very different and I'm almost tempted to say that they didn't build into the new interface a way to add/remove this message. I've searched Apple forums and the internet in...
Exactly, and the way I understand it, even then it doesn't "forget" the fingerprint. It just requires the passcode to unlock it.
My thoughts exactly. I think the same thing when I see these people scrubbing down grocery carts with those hand wipes grocery stores are putting out now. I keep thinking, my god, how did civilization ever survive all these years without that!
Back to complaining about things on topic..... Gee, couldn't they have made it MORE complicated to download these songs? First go to the Apple Store app (??? Why not iTunes store?) Then hit download. Then you're taken to the iTunes store anyway and have to log in. Then you're given some gift card code on a screen that talks about using your camera to redeem it. But that doesn't matter because you then just hit "Redeem". Then the songs start downloading. Whew!
New Posts  All Forums: