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Not broken, it worked fine for me today when I left my house and it automatically turned on. However, it is not 100%, more like 75%. Once when it was not working for several days, I looked at the location that was set. It had somehow changed to an address that was close, but not my house. Not sure how it changed.
I don't know since I'm not familiar with any other camera, as this was my first (and second). But you don't *have* to buy their 7-day or 30-day service. Live streaming is free.
I have had a Dropcam HD for almost a year now and just now bought a Dropcam Pro. The HD has been great allowing me to monitor a second home while I'm not there. So it's never on while I'm actually in the house so I'm not concerned with bandwidth with my other devices. I especially like their Auto schedule by location feature which is part of their iPhone app. So the camera automatically turns on when I leave and turns off when I arrive.The activity recognition does need...
I was able to activate, but not sign in or create an account. When I get the screen with 3 icons (Facebook, Google+ and PBS), nothing happens when I click them. I don't know if it's a settings thing or what.
"And parents will appreciate the auto-generated reports....". Perhaps, but can they NOT get their heads out of the office for even a minute???
Did anyone else have problems completing the activation using Safari? I was able to type in the activation code, but then had to register an account by clicking either the Facebook icon, Google+ icon or the PBS icon. Clicking on any icon did nothing. I had to do it on Firefox.
What happens if you Decline the T&C? Does the "smart" TV become a dumb TV? Can you use it as a TV at all? Do you get to return it for a full refund?
Wow, more complicated than I thought. DST Explained
...or if your AppleTV is suddenly bricked, like the last update.
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