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You're missing the point. Someone said it was sad there weren't more women on the team. That's innocent enough of a statement. No one said that Apple should put more women on their team for the sake of having more women.It was you who made the assumption that women must not have what it takes to be on that team and need to "step up their skills". That assumption is what is sexist. Why do you think they need to step up their skills? Is that the only possible reason there...
So THAT'S the "AT" that everyone's been posting?. I thought it was just some new acronym that I wasn't hip to.
Chill people. We still cc: in our email, but most people these days don't even know what carbon paper is.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I took this another way. I don't consider the price of the phone a "fee". I thought they were talking about the "upgrade fee" that AT&T charges to upgrade. Last time I upgraded, they charged $18. This time they want $36.
Those who have a Rolex know that, although beautiful, they are not known to keep accurate time.
Usually there is an $18 "upgrade fee" that they charge. This time, I noticed that they want $36.You mean like that?
^ same here.
Meh, it's a nice logo I guess. Maybe I'm over-thinking this, but from the video, it looks like the blue square represented Windows, then the orange square represented Office (but they showed a 3-D square or something), then the green square seemed to be XBOX (but they just showed the round normal XBOX logo there) and then the yellow square.....wait.....what about the yellow square? Were they going somewhere with this???
My .me email (now called iCloud, I guess) hasn't worked in the last few days. I don't use it very often so I didn't notice it right away. Also, I have two Comcast accounts. Those stopped working too, due to "incorrect password". Then I noticed that these email accounts weren't working on my iPhone either. When I checked, my .me password, it had to be re-entered. And my two Comcast accounts had their passwords "switch". (Comcast email 1 had Comcast email 2's password...
Love my second generation!
New Posts  All Forums: