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What happens if you Decline the T&C? Does the "smart" TV become a dumb TV? Can you use it as a TV at all? Do you get to return it for a full refund?
Wow, more complicated than I thought. DST Explained
...or if your AppleTV is suddenly bricked, like the last update.
Well that's good, because that would have been a horrible insult to the iPad.
Just curious, but what makes this a desk? I'd expect a desk to have at least a drawer. I'd call this a table.
Exactly. I've been using these "hidden" features for a long time, before iOS7. Maybe there was some place somewhere where it wasn't consistent but certainly not hidden.
Alternate voice? On my 5 she has a *better* voice. And a male counterpart too. Is that what you mean?
This approach explains a lot.
OK, but that doesn't sound like ranchogirl's problem. She's saying her phone forgets her fingerprints by the next day. So maybe it is a defective unit. But even still, why does the phone do that after 48 hours? Did they give an explanation? Do you have a link to the actual article?
New Posts  All Forums: