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I've always liked his work. But now when I see in him in anything, all I hear is Cave Johnson.
From his very first post, the image that comes to my mind is Eric Cartman.
Seriously? You didn't proofread that?       THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!
It shows up as a rectangle for me too.  Using Firefox on Windows 7 (at work).
In addition to Mail asking me for my .me email password, I had an error message on my Mac that said I was almost out of space for my iCloud email account. Now that I'm back in, it says that I have 23GB of 25GB free.
AT&T certainly does. It's been $18 to upgrade to a new iPhone ever since the original.
Yeah, I was wondering this too. I can see it reminding you after you've arrived somewhere and opened up the laptop, but that's about it. How does it know where I am and how will it notify me when my laptop is closed, asleep and sitting in the back seat of my car? Reminders synched to my iPhone would be very useful though.
I had a similar problem a couple of years back with a 2006 MBP. It was related to the video card/chip....something like that. Anyway, I spent the $300 and 5 days after dropping it off at my Apple store, I had it back. I thought it was a great deal.
Have you tried calling Apple support?
This is the South. And we're proud of our crazy people. We don't hide them up in the attic, we bring them right down to the living room and show them off. No one in the South ask IF you have crazy people in your family, they just ask which side they're on. - Julia Sugarbaker, Sorry, this just reminded me of that scene in Designing Women. Carry on.
New Posts  All Forums: