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We see this so much...FYI:Cue: a signal (as a word, phrase, or bit of stage business) to a performer to begin a specific speech or actionQueue: a waiting line especially of persons or vehiclesQue: Spanish for 'that' or 'which'
You're blaming the "iToy fanbase" for there not being any rumors about the Mac? What??
I use two companies for my home security in a weekend home. Simply Safe for door and window sensors and the like. The different sensors are a la carte and fairly inexpensive. I chose not to have it monitored. So far I have been happy with it. My only complaint is that it doesn't have any kind of iOS monitoring solution. I'd love to know when the alarm is going off and be able to enable/disable remotely. The second company I use is Dropcam. My weekend place is pretty...
Strange. Every flight attendant friend of mine has always told me the same thing. The reason for stowing these things during take-off and landing was not because of some kind of interference, but because during the most dangerous parts of a flight, if something should happen, they don't want hunks of metal and glass flying around the cabin.
Hopefully I won't need a new one of these anytime soon. My current one is actually wall mounted.
I've owned 4 different iPhone models and each one had its Home button become unreliable in less than two years. None failed outright, but eventually, I had to press the Home button very hard on some models and on others, it would get confused between single and double-clicks.
This happened to me once on my 5. The only way I could hang up the call was to power it down.
This may not be related, but in the last couple of months, I've been having this problem with my iPhone 5 where the sounds (which I assume comes out of the same speakers) will be very muted as if I turned the volume way down. SMS/iMessage sounds, notification sounds, lock/unlock sounds, all sound very muted. Checking my settings, volume is way up like it should be. And if I receive the call, the ring volume is fine too. The only way I've found to resolve this is a...
I think the article meant iOS 6 without hardware modification. The original quote doesn't make sense.
Still not showing up for me in Software Updates. (I'm on 10.8.3)
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