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Not that I disagree with you, but have you ever been to Vegas? It's not exactly subtle.
I thought it was an ABBA song.
Seriously. Is Apple the only company that shows its products being used?
Well I can't understand the complaints. Every single one of these people bought the product knowing exactly what they were getting as far as the new connector was concerned. For the few that were surprised when they opened the box, they had 14 days to return it. If it is really THAT bad for them to buy an adapter, then why in the world would they buy the new phone? There are two other models that are cheaper that could have been purchased if they needed a phone. No, I...
The same voice used for Voice Control on the iPhone 4 is the same voice used for Siri on the iPhone 4S. You probably activated Voice Control somehow.....like holding down the Home button.
I'm not sure why you think that. I can play the same video on both iPhone and Mac and they play just fine. I don't have Flash.Maybe if it detects that you have Flash it plays that by default.
Just noticed that they changed the phone Keypad screen. The numbers are no longer black. They are a light gray. Seems like an odd change.
I never said that you said that. I said you made the assumption. Why do I think that? Because the post went from here.......immediately to here...Why must women must step up their skills? No one said they didn't have the appropriate skills. No one said that quotas had to be met....no one said that Apple should hire more women, just because. But for whatever reason, that was the comment you made.And I don't think anyone would argue with you that if a person doesn't...
You're missing the point. Someone said it was sad there weren't more women on the team. That's innocent enough of a statement. No one said that Apple should put more women on their team for the sake of having more women.It was you who made the assumption that women must not have what it takes to be on that team and need to "step up their skills". That assumption is what is sexist. Why do you think they need to step up their skills? Is that the only possible reason there...
So THAT'S the "AT" that everyone's been posting?. I thought it was just some new acronym that I wasn't hip to.
New Posts  All Forums: