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Wait, what? It is designed to forget your fingerprint scan? What does rescanning mean (I don't have the 5s yet)? Does that mean you have to re-train the system to recognize your fingerprint? Everyday? Wouldn't that be like the phone forgetting your passcode and you have to reset it every day? How is that convenient? I must be missing something. Do you have a link?
Go here. Down where it says "For the colorful", you can interactively choose a phone and case. You can play with the color combinations.
Darn, new ringtones...yes. New Siri voices...yes. Slow motion video....looks like just the new hardware.
I think you mean Pages, not Notes. And it also includes iMovie and iPhoto. But those are free with the new hardware + iOS 7. Not just iOS 7.http://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/built-in-apps/
Are all features of iOS 7 available to older hardware? Will my iPhone 5 have the new ringtones, new Siri voices, slow motion video? Anything exclusive to the new iPhones?
Any idea why this would still not be showing up for me? I'm on 10.8.4. Mid-2010 15" MBP. App Store just says No Updates.
The few times I've used the rear camera during Facetime calls, I was speaking while recording, showing something off. Would the user have to be silent so it doesn't switch back to the front camera? Also, seeing you can switch back and forth with a simple tap of an icon, I don't see the real need for this. However, the "interviewer" mode seemed like an interesting use case.
We see this so much...FYI:Cue: a signal (as a word, phrase, or bit of stage business) to a performer to begin a specific speech or actionQueue: a waiting line especially of persons or vehiclesQue: Spanish for 'that' or 'which'
You're blaming the "iToy fanbase" for there not being any rumors about the Mac? What??
I use two companies for my home security in a weekend home. Simply Safe for door and window sensors and the like. The different sensors are a la carte and fairly inexpensive. I chose not to have it monitored. So far I have been happy with it. My only complaint is that it doesn't have any kind of iOS monitoring solution. I'd love to know when the alarm is going off and be able to enable/disable remotely. The second company I use is Dropcam. My weekend place is pretty...
New Posts  All Forums: