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The only reason to not get an AppleTV for me was the lack of support for Plex and, to a lesser extent, Amazon Prime Video. I'm over the moon with the Plex client, which works exceedingly well and is very pleasant and easy to use. Looks like I'll be able to retire my other TV boxes and I can recommend the AppleTV to everyone from now on -- even to households without iPhone/iPad.
The lesson here is don't use Venmo. Thanks for the heads up. These people are jokers.
The "liberal anti-freedom crowd"? Really? Dude, turn off Fox News once in a while, will you? What an idiotic statement.The fact is there's a push for regulating this specifically because while the vast majority of drone users are responsible, there are always some schmucks to pull stupid stunts, like flying in controlled airspace or over the White House lawn. This will set the standard for what's reasonable to do and what's a no-no. I don't see anything unreasonable here....
But... But... Credit Suisse said the iPhone 6s/6s Plus wasn't selling! Apple is doomed! Doomed, I tell you! Meanwhile, they probably got in on the temporary drop their downgrade caused.
"The beleaguered Cupertino manufacturer..."
Wow, that's going to be flying off the shelves... Directly into the discount bins.
Comcast has already started capping to 350GB/month in several markets. Every extra 50GB costs you $10 more -- but XFinity video streaming data is generously not counted towards the cap. Just imagine how quickly you will get to this cap if you cancel your cable service and stream all your video in HD instead. 
I wonder why threads on equality always quickly end up into this bile spewing on this board. I don't think I've seen such venom and nastiness from conservatives on other tech boards. And always, of course, with utter disregard for FACTS.   The HERO ordinance extends protection to same sex couples and transgender people, the same protection other minorities already benefit from. Believe it or not, in many states it is perfectly legal for an employer to terminate an...
Misery loves company.
It's failing because we've had enough Steve Jobs movies already. Isn't this the third? I mean come on, the man was fascinating, but how many biography movies do we really need? I think it's just Steve Jobs fatigue.
New Posts  All Forums: