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If that's what influenced them to put the charging port on the bottom of the new mouse, it's an influence I could do without.
It really all depends on commercials. I'm not paying a dime (or watching) if there are commercial interruptions.
Don't blame the Chinese, they're just untrustworthy liars and thieves -- did I translate that correctly?
You could use MacID. It's a really cool app that uses your iPhone's TouchID to unlock your Mac.
I give you a real life, documented example of how companies get strong armed into cooperating with the secret service and you call me paranoid? Okay.
And how about a federal investigation of judge Cote and Bromwich for what is the most blatant case of collusion, bribery, extortion and nepotism in recent years? Disgraceful.
Just because there is no backdoor NOW doesn't mean the courts and/or the government can't not only compel them to install one, but also issue a gag order that would make it illegal to even discuss it or reveal it to the public.
Ever tried to scan a banknote into Photoshop? Photoshop 4.0 was I think the last version that allowed that. Subsequent versions included code that detected the signature of US banknotes and prevented the scan from completing. What drives me up the wall is not so much the limitation (I'm sure the pros and cons of it can be debated) but how the secret service colluded with a private corporation to include "features" and keeping the customers completely in the dark about it....
Sounds painful.
The whole point is that a PHONE is capable of shooting video that can compare to what a $3,000 DSLR does. Yes, best conditions for the phone, worst conditions for the camera. So what? It's still an incredible accomplishment for a phone. I don't think anybody is saying that there is no use for a DSLR anymore, just that the level of quality reached by the iPhone's camera is nothing short of astounding.
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