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Your post made me laugh... Seriously. AT&T must have fabulous marketing to be able to make people happy to cling on to overpriced, underdelivering plans. I guess they can pay them well, the way they fleece their customers.
Having experienced AT&T's throttling with the "grandfathered plan" I have to say it was absolutely unacceptable. AT&T sold an unlimited plan and while I could have lived with reasonable throttling, what they did was essentially render the data connection useless. I'm not talking about streaming high definition video here. Basic slow services like email were unusable. After 2GB, things weren't slow; they were broken. I am now paying half what I was paying AT&T and I'm...
I'm with you.  The only reason I got a FireTV was Plex.
I'm amazed by the tablet lineup. We've gone from fairly nice tablets to a pathetic range of low-end crap. 1024x600 at the low end (a resolution not even adequate for a decent smartphone), and 1280x800 on a 10" screen at the "high end" -- what happened to the HDX line? This looks like Amazon is giving up on the tablet market and refocusing on beefing up its TV offering in preparation for the AppleTV fight... Notice the FireTV stick has gone up steadily from its $20...
Except they're forcing absolutely NOTHING down your throat. They're just finally giving equal rights to people who have been discriminated against. If you're not one of these people, NOTHING changes for you -- other than having to live with the knowledge that people of the same sex are getting legally married. If it's that much of an inconvenience to you, I think you need to have your brain examined. It has been rotted out by religion.
You're not "fortunate" to have the unlimited grandfathered plan. You're being suckered into overpaying for crappy metered service.If you're in the SF area, T-Mobile offers better, faster, and REALLY UNLIMITED service for $80/month, including 7GB of tethering, unlimited international data and text roaming (calls are $0.20/minute). 
So, explain something to me. AT&T gets slapped with a $100 million fine for illegally throttling "unlimited" accounts, and they are STILL throttling? Where do they find people stupid enough to be their customers?
i'd love to see Plex run on it!
I see no discrepancy between the various accounts. While Jobs didn't get fired per se, he was completely sidelined and essentially being told he could collect a paycheck as long as he stayed out of the way. That's probably about as close to firing him as they were legally and contractually allowed to do -- making his life miserable and hurting his ego in order to push him out the door, and it worked.
Once again, T-Mobile rules. Don't make me laugh with your "grandfathered plan" on AT&T... That's the biggest scam ever.
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