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He resold Virgin Mobile in 2006 (for almost a billion GBP) At the time Jobs was coming up with the iPhone, he considered developing Apple's own network to compete with the big four, and when it became abundantly clear that it was not a viable option, thought of going the MVNO route, to eventually end up with the exclusive contract with AT&T we're all familiar with. What Google could do to really innovate is come up with a cell phone like the iPhone 6, capable of connecting...
Anti-abortion activists who kill abortion doctors are terrorists and murder in the name of their christian religion. There is no reason why they should be treated any differently from the muslim nutcases who shoot people at malls. They're all crazy and unfit for living in a civilized society, and I agree with Tim, they must be eliminated.  Another idiotic post from rogifan, what a surprise.
Economy out of the toilet, check.Unemployment at its lowest level in 20 years, check.Ben Laden killed, check.Affordable Care Act, check.Repeal of DOMA and DADT, check. All that with an incredibly obstructive, antagonistic congress that won't even side with him when he pushes positions that line up with theirs, just out of principle. Obama has promised and delivered, and history will show him as one of the best presidents this country ever had.
My three year old Prius just started warning me that the battery in the keyfob is getting low. I can already open my garage door, unlock my front door, control the lights, heating and AC in my house from my iPhone; being able to use it as a keyfob would be fantastic. The Tesla already does that.
Offensive? It's your idiocy and complete lack of brains that is an offense to common sense.
  You have absolutely zero grasp of the situation, all you know is what you heard on Limbaugh and Fox News.Net neutrality is a critical component of free speech in the XXIst century and prevents ISPs from double-dipping and holding some companies' traffic hostage. Do you have any idea why Comcast wants to merge with Time Warner? Do you even have the slightest clue what a de facto monopoly is? Do you understand that we pay four times what most people pay in other countries...
"Podcasts" would be fine if it didn't have that incredibly irritating 100MB limitation for downloads over the cell network. It's a completely arbitrary limitation that can not be modified or disabled, so I have to use a third party podcast app to download video podcasts over LTE. Sucks, because that app is nowhere near as good as "Podcasts" but it lets me do what I want. Other than this stupid limitation, I find it to be great because it's very simple and works reliably....
Good place for a solar farm, too :-)
 What exactly is your justification for this ludicrous statement? Of course double blind tests work for audio like they work for everything else. The listening panel does not know which equipment they're listening to, and the test is setup in such a way that the person switching the sources and collecting the results can not influence them, usually by relying on a neutral third party to call out "System A" or "System B". If you can't tell the difference, either there isn't...
Maybe I wasn't clear. What I meant was all previous attempts at delivering "premium quality audio" such as SACD and DVD-Audio, have failed, because CD was good enough. And iTunes audio is good enough. Maybe not for everybody, but there aren't enough audiophiles willing to pony up for Pono in order to make it a successful business, in my opinion. I'll be very happy if they prove me wrong and I wish them to be very successful, I just don't see that happening.
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