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The best way to follow the Olympics is to NOT follow the Olympics. The companies who sponsored this masquerade in this hideous country should not be rewarded with viewer ratings.
No meat, I don't know, no pork, definitely.
I'm not interested personally, but I like to see more content be made available on the platform; however until they open it up to app developers and companies like Plex can get in, Roku is still a more appealing alternative for a lot of people.
AT&T is bigger, therefore they're better?Apple products may be more expensive, but they're better. AT&T overcharges and underdelivers. MetroPCS (a wholly owned subsidiary of T-Mobile, using the T-Mobile network) offers an incredibly inexpensive alternative, with better service at 1/3 the price. You may elect to pay more for less, does that make you a sucker? Hmmmm. Yep.
You can use any GSM phone. I'm using an iPhone 5s right now. You just have to buy it on your own instead of buying it from them, imagine that...It may seem expensive until you figure out that the difference is paid off in 6 months.
Left AT&T for MetroPCS. I'm now paying 1/3rd of my previous bill for unlimited calling, texting and data ($40/month including tax). LTE speeds are through the roof (50Mbps down/25Mbps up this morning near San Jose airport). In contrast, AT&T's "grandfathered unlimited data" throttled me to unusable speeds after 2GB. Metro throttles their $40 plan after 500MB, but to 3G speeds -- hardly noticeable, you can still stream audio to your heart's content. You even get visual...
Love my Pebble and already ordered a Pebble Steel. Of all the smartwatches, this is the only one that is actually useful and well thought out.
It's a thermostat. A well designed, internet-connected thermostat, but a thermostat. BFD.
Love your editorial pieces, they're always instant classics!
Well, at least they fixed the VPN. Took them long enough.
New Posts  All Forums: