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Maybe I wasn't clear. What I meant was all previous attempts at delivering "premium quality audio" such as SACD and DVD-Audio, have failed, because CD was good enough. And iTunes audio is good enough. Maybe not for everybody, but there aren't enough audiophiles willing to pony up for Pono in order to make it a successful business, in my opinion. I'll be very happy if they prove me wrong and I wish them to be very successful, I just don't see that happening.
The conditions of the test aren't very clear but if they compared the same file played back on both devices it makes no sense.The real test would be comparing identical tracks purchased on both stores, because that would be real life use conditions. Still, I'm not sure there's enough of a market out there of people who care enough about the ultimate audio quality for this to be a successful business. It's not the first attempt at providing higher quality audio, and...
Spot on. While a comparison with a much larger, high quality speaker immediately reveals the limitations of this speaker, it's by far the best sound you can get out of a speaker this size, bar none. For a similar speaker that's almost as good, check out the Brightech bluetooth speaker. It's about the same size, doesn't sound quite as good but it's still excellent, and it won't break the bank at $35. Definitely another one of those "this big sound is coming out of this tiny...
Could we please start referring to Samsung as "the beleaguered company"?
his own research lead him to believe the iPad maker will launch a stylus in the second quarter of this year to compliment the 12.9-inch so-called "iPad Pro."   "my, my, iPad Pro, you are so smart and wonderful, said the stylus". That would be the stylus COMPLIMENTING the iPad Pro. 
Creativity at Adobe died when Warnock retired and the bean counters took over. These days their only focus is monetization, coming up with shite nobody wants (creative cloud) and forcing it down people's throat.
I recently rented Ford cars with the Sync system in them and was absolutely floored by how incredibly awful the system is. While it supports bluetooth audio streaming, pairing the phone is buried several levels down a poorly named hierarchy -- even worse, so is the input selector. It's mind boggling they shipped such a bad system, and even worse that Ford took delivery of it. It's pure garbage. I can't imagine Blackberry being able to do anywhere near as bad even if they...
Please. The repackaging of high risk mortgage securities to masquerade them as safe investments was criminal, and I think it's at the very least disingenuous to claim that the government forced the banks to give mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. The fact is that banks conspired to manufacture what they knew full well was a pyramid scheme, knowing that in the end the government would have no choice but to bail them out with taxpayer money, meanwhile their top...
When I read the original IDC headline I was wondering why schools would buy expensive, underpowered, crippled do-nothing laptop wannabes when better, cheaper alternatives were commonly available. Thanks DED for taking it apart and exposing it for the piece of fiction it is.
Not to minimize his crime, but the Wall Street bankers who caused the 2008 crash got away without as much as a slap on the wrist.
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