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It's so nice to see "beleaguered" used with other companies than Apple. Anybody who remembers the late 90s will know what I'm talking about.
Oh, yes, the screen is very crisp. In "Metro" mode, it works very nicely as a tablet, the only problem is that nobody writes metro apps. In legacy mode, however, the crisp screen ends up giving you tiny, tiny type and a UI that can't be used unless you have a magnifying glass. At least, that's my experience on the Surface Pro 2. The biggest selling point is the support for legacy apps, but the way it's done they're not exactly very usable. And there are virtually no "new"...
The hardware is actually kinda nice. The biggest problem is Windows and "Metro" or whatever it is they call it these days. The thing is maddening. One of the biggest benefits of these tablets is supposed to be backwards compatibility with existing Windows software, yeah, good luck using Word or Visual Studio on that small screen with 267dpi.
Not all developers. A small select group was seeded with pre release hardware. I'm not excusing them, they still breached a contract and Apple could sue them according to the terms of the NDA. But giving them early access was a dumb choice on Apple's part.
It was wrong of iFixIt to violate the terms of the NDA, and if Apple is only terminating their developer account they're getting off easy. One just wonders why Apple gave iFixIt pre-release hardware. What did they think they were going to do? Write new software for it? Please. It's like giving a new piece of hardware to Blendtec and being surprised when it shows up on "Will it blend?"
But at least on Android phones you have a replaceable battery and you can use microSD cards! What? Not on Google devices? Not on new flagship phones? Oh. Right. Well, at least, they don't have stagefright.
Talk about an "unpology". Cook is exactly right, enough already! How many frickin books and movies about Jobs do we need? Sorkin really shows himself as a massive douche here.
Your post made me laugh... Seriously. AT&T must have fabulous marketing to be able to make people happy to cling on to overpriced, underdelivering plans. I guess they can pay them well, the way they fleece their customers.
Having experienced AT&T's throttling with the "grandfathered plan" I have to say it was absolutely unacceptable. AT&T sold an unlimited plan and while I could have lived with reasonable throttling, what they did was essentially render the data connection useless. I'm not talking about streaming high definition video here. Basic slow services like email were unusable. After 2GB, things weren't slow; they were broken. I am now paying half what I was paying AT&T and I'm...
I'm with you.  The only reason I got a FireTV was Plex.
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