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It's wireless, not contactless. Unlike induction technologies like Qi or Powermat which limit the current to 1A or 500mA, this case actually use little contact pins that automatically extend outside the case when pulled by the magnets on the charging mat. Also, you don't need the charging mat to recharge the case since it has a microUSB port, which can be used for charging and syncing. This ended up being my favorite power case of all... until I upgraded to an iPhone 6...
They made a deliberate choice to align it with the price of top tier devices (iPhone, Galaxy S, LG G2...) possibly not so much in order to make money, but to create the perception that it was a top of the line product and not a store special. Unfortunately, most of its features are aimed at making you spend more money on Amazon... which would justify a heavily discounted price. The rest of the features, while being somewhat interesting, bring absolutely zero value to the...
He will probably never know how many young LGBT people his official public coming out will help. Everybody knew he was gay before, he never made a secret about it, but with this he is making it impossible to ignore and for that I salute him. Well done Tim. You're the best!
Just in time for me to stop using that crap. Apple's Pages/Numbers/Keynote are more than enough for me, they're cheap, look great, work on Mac and iOS, and they can open Office documents. And there's always LibreOffice and Open Office. 
Couldn't add my Amazon Rewards card. Entered the card info, it displayed the agreement, I pressed "I agree", got the "Validating..." message and then a dialog that said card was not added, contact card issuer for details. Weird.   Update: during my failed attempts, the camera had only picked up the card number and I entered the expiration date manually. I tried again with better lighting, the camera picked up all the card info and I entered the security code -- it went...
And now GarageBand is a paid $5 upgrade.
What's brilliant is that they use the payment terminals that Google financed for their failed Wallet program.
Bullish on Apple? That's crazy! Look at all the reports that the iPhone 6 Plus bends! It's a disaster! The stock tanked! Apple is doomed! I'm willing to bet Samsung is behind that very convenient wave of bad PR... Which had been extremely well handled by Apple. What's funny is that to this day people still refer to "antennagate" as if it were a real problem, when in reality it was never anything more than a tempest in a teapot. I have to say, so far I'm loving my 6 Plus...
It's an impossible job: insane pressure from management to release, but secrecy requirements that make it impossible to test correctly. And then the sh... hits the fan and you're left holding the bag. Being able to hold that position for 14 years says a lot about how good the man is, actually.
Nobody's going to bend a samsuck device, they're too busy pooping on them.
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