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Wow, I'm definitely switching to Windows Phone! j/k
VLC is fantastic! I used to hate MKV years ago because it was poorly supported on OSX, and the implementations were flaky and slow. Things have changed, and these days MKV is just the best container format around: fast implementations, supported on all platforms, flexible and unlike AVI it supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks. VLC is the most wonderful video player. It supports just about every format you can imagine, and the new iOS version rocks! You can stream...
I sure wish I was Cote's buddy. $1,100/hour? Seriously? Plus 15% in fees? This is just as contemptible as Chris Christie's behavior. Both belong in jail, end of story. Regardless of the validity of the case against Apple, this is someone using her position of power to generate huge profits for her and her friends. Despicable.
I just wonder what kind of a bizarre bubble you live in where my post is not an obvious sarcastic (and very funny) joke.
Someone should suggest this app to Gov. Christie's chief of staff.
Funny you should mention NFC. I've had several Android phones over the past couple of years (don't ask): A Galaxy S2, HTC One, Note 2, Galaxy S3, Sony LT28, Xperia Z, and a few more I forgot. Google Wallet never worked on any of them, but I finally got a phone that it works on: an iPhone! Oh, by the way, all the Android phones totally sucked ass. I just needed an unlocked phone compatible with T-mo and that didn't cost a fortune. So glad I no longer have to deal with that...
Aha! You got fooled. These are channel sales, a number that is completely meaningless unless it is sustained. Based on the careful wording, I would strongly suspect that this is a biased report paid for (directly or indirectly) by Google to exploit a large volume of channel sales, which was probably obtained via some channel incentive trick. All this inventory is currently languishing in Best Buy warehouses and will be returned unsold, and/or discounted. It's called...
T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS, a CDMA carrier, for its subscribers and spectrum. Unlike Sprint with Nextel, it has been doing an incredible job at refarming spectrum and offering competitive GSM plans while supporting existing CDMA customers and encouraging them to move to GSM. So, a CDMA and a GSM carrier can merge, but if Sprint is involved I expect a disaster. They just can't execute anything correctly.
I followed the same trajectory. Dumped AT&T when they started throttling my "unlimited" plan to unusable speeds after 2GB; I was paying $100/month for 1400 anytime minutes + 200 texts.Switched to StraightTalk's $45/month plan for unlimited everything and loved it, but recently switched to T-mo for their $50/month unlimited postpaid plan, which is incredible. Although the data is limited to 500MB/month at full LTE speed, the throttling is most of the time gentle and...
The iPhone 5c and 5s are capable of working on any US network as long as they're unlocked (and the provider allows use of equipment they didn't sell).
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