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The iPhone 5c and 5s are capable of working on any US network as long as they're unlocked (and the provider allows use of equipment they didn't sell).
The poor schmuck is thrown under the bus (not that he doesn't richly deserve it) while his firm gets away with it. The architects of the 2008 economic collapse all got away without any problems and even got to keep the hundreds of billions they stole from the American people. The trading firms and the banks are rotten to the core.
This is a total waste of time and energy. First, the religious exemption is so wide that it actually allows any company to legally discriminate as long as they invoke their faith, second assuming it makes it past the senate filibuster it doesn't stand a chance in this jerrymandered congress full of teabaggers.
They advertised and sold the "unlimited data plans" but indeed AT&T as usual is the greedy liar in the story. Why anyone would do business with these despicable thieves is beyond me. T-Mobile will be offering free 200MB/month for its iPad data plan, an incredibly generous offer that's enough to cover anybody's light browsing and email. I'm so glad the FCC rejected AT&T's merger proposal. AT&T must die.
T-Mobile has done an incredible job with the MetroPCS merger. Both entities have benefitted, which is the exact opposite of what happened to Sprint when they made the fatal mistake to acquire Nextel -- total waste of money, energy and resources. Within just a few months T-Mo was able to leverage the Metro spectrum and articulate a convincing marketing and branding strategy with all its brands. I wonder if they're geniuses or if it's just that other carriers are run by...
I love all the different ways people backpedal, his is at least almost honest-sounding. Although, I'm sure Samsung is going to be asking for its shilling fee back.
I can't understand why more people aren't leaving AT&T. Even if you're still under contract, it's cheaper to pay the early termination fee and go to Straight Talk or MetroPCS than it is to stay -- you break even in under 6 months, and then you start saving $50/month at least. If you have an iPhone, get MetroPCS with tethering and you're good to go, no need to mess around with an additional subscription for your iPad -- and you can save $130 by getting the non-cell version...
AT&T finds yet another way to rip people off.
Office, hotly anticipated by iPad users? I think not. Pages and Numbers are more than enough, and they work very well with iCloud. And there's also Google's free QuickOffice. Nobody needs Microsoft's products anymore.
I was on StraightTalk and switched to Metro. StraightTalk is $45/month + tax, Metro is $40/month including tax, and they give you extra discounts for family plan (4 lines all unlimited = $100 including tax). The benefit of StraightTalk is that you can choose which network you want (AT&T or T-Mo) when you buy the SIM card; if you have an iPhone 4S or earlier, StraightTalk on AT&T is your best option. If you have an iPhone 5c, or an AT&T iPhone 5 with the right serial...
New Posts  All Forums: