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Yes. I recommended it to a friend who switched to Mac a couple of years ago and was very enthusiastic about learning iPhoto and how to better use her iPhone in combination. I had already warned her against purchasing add-ons when she bought her Mac, but despite that she succumbed to the kind and gentle sales pitch and purchased AppleCare (at twice the price you can get it on eBay) and 1to1.When she took the 1to1 classes, she came back having purchased a bunch of stuff she...
As much as I think training classes are a great resource, I am put off by the hard sell on Apple products and services. The trainers steer their students to high margin products (iCloud, AppleCare, etc...) regardless of their needs. Taking a class there is almost like attending a timeshare seminar! 
You're not being fair with Samsung. Yes, the pictures are pretty damning, but that was the OLD Samsung. These days, they no longer copy Apple. They would never try to come up with a copy of Apple Pay, for instance. What? Oh. Right. Never mind.
Unbelievable. Anyone who has ever purchased an official Apple factory refurbished product knows that it's indistinguishable from a new one, the only difference is the box it comes in. I don't have a problem denouncing Apple's policies when they're abusive, but this is ridiculous and completely unfounded. Just more money for the lawyers, I guess.
You are missing something. I was not talking about Apple, but replying to the whiny religious wingnut stating that the constitution is officially dead and that religious liberties are being taken away. Yeah, this thread is all over the place. You and I may disagree on UK electrical standards but we're in violent agreement on this one ;-)
That is just hilarious. Nobody is disrespecting religious beliefs. Freedom of religion is not freedom to force your standards onto the rest of the country. You want to do business? You follow the rules, and you serve everyone equally. You are the hypocrite.
 Population of England & Wales in 2011: 56 million. Population of the US in 2011: 311 million. You may want to normalize...That plug is ridiculous, outdated, and laughable, and solves a problem nobody has while creating a million others, such as using up massive amounts of wall space, using up huge amounts of luggage space, and making it impossible to have a power strip of a reasonable dimension. I find it mind boggling that there would be people to defend its insane,...
XFinity splices non-skippable ads into the content they stream. Totally unwatchable.
See what I mean? The Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality, and for the right wing, "the Constitution is officially dead". Do you have to be such a drama queen just because your nasty little team of religious bigots was exposed for what it was and same sex people are now allowed the same rights as other couples? I'm so sorry that you're also having to give up your confederate flag.
Yeah, because the number of American deaths by electrocution with an electrical outlet clearly shows that's a priority issue... What on earth is wrong with you that not only you live with such an idiotic standard, but you're PROUD of it? We have small 3-prong grounded plugs that work very well without having to be the size of a small Korean hatchback. As to those laughable switched outlets, they may have been fantastic back in the '40s, but it's 2015, hello! The rest of...
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