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I find it a little silly to make an expensive gold version of such an ephemeral product. This watch is like a cell phone, and doesn't really have a life expectancy of more than three years. I suspect it exists not so much to be sold, but more to validate the idea of this watch as a luxury product, in effect making the steel or aluminum version also look like luxury products by association. But then again, I'm sure it will find buyers, too.
Good luck reaching these limits with the pathetic speeds of their pokey network. Unless you're in one of the very few places where they actually have LTE service, you're stuck with lousy EVDO speeds which don't even begin to compare with what other carriers call 3G.I'm so happy the attempted merger with T-Mobile failed. Sprint sucks big green donkey dicks.
If only the sales figures agreed with him. But they tell a much different story...
iPad 4: 1.44kg. Surface Pro 3:  1.76kg. Your math is off, the difference is 320g. And it's not just the weight, it's also the thickness and the sharp angles. Give it a try and you'll understand.
True. On paper, it's the first MS tablet that's not a non-starter. And then you start using it, and you understand that specs only tell part of the story. The screen resolution and dot pitch are great, except that they only work properly in Metro mode. When you run non-Metro apps (most of them, since nobody has really bothered developing for the new, unfinished UI platform) the pixels are too small and the user interface unusable.The stand and keyboard are an improvement,...
I'm in San Jose and all I heard from Comcast was last week a request to restart my modem for increased speed. It went from 32mbps to 60mbps. Other than that, still no thottling or metered plans -- although there is always a threat of overages at some point in the future.
So why, Mr. Wheeler, did you tell me to get over myself when I wrote to you to complain that AT&T was doing that to me on my "grandfather unlimited data plan" essentially rendering my phone useless after only 2GB of usage? This is all posturing. Wheeler comes from the very industry he's supposed to regulate, and cannot be trusted.
I can only speak for the one I know in Valley Fair (granted, a stone throw away from Apple's headquarters): the Apple Store is always incredibly busy, and the Microsoft store is always empty. But this may have more to do with mindshare than actual sales (at least I hope for them it does, otherwise... ouch!)
You have no point to make, other than "the iPhone is perfect, anybody who criticizes anything about it is an idiot and should be shot".You have been behaving like a clueless, petulant brat throughout this entire thread.People like you were the same who screamed that the iPhone screen size was perfect and only idiots would buy smartphones with larger screens, and laughed at the Samsung Note phablets. You have to grow up and learn to deal with constructive criticism (of...
I didn't say it was a real problem to the point it would make me switch. I said if you survey iPhone users and ask them how the phone could be improved, battery life is at the top of their list. Stop being such a brainless fanboi.
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