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I used to be "grandfathered" into "unlimited" when AT&T decided that "unlimited" to them meant 2GB, after which they throttled to "dial-up speeds" (in practice, so slow that you couldn't even get your email or browse simple pages without timeouts).I started looking into alternatives. I'm now with MetroPCS and I pay a lot less for 2 lines of FULL UNLIMITED LTE SERVICE (yes, talk, SMS and DATA) than I paid for a single line with AT&T (for 1400 minutes talk, 200 SMS and 2GB...
Monthly fee? Buh bye now.
It may not be that much better than the camera on the iPhone 5s, but not everybody has one of those. If you're stuck with a 4 or a 4s, this would be a marked improvement at a reasonable price. Granted, you could get a full traditional point & shoot camera that's comparable for $100 - $150, but it wouldn't be as easy to get your pictures on the iPhone, a huge benefit if you like to share your pictures on-line immediately. That's a relatively limited market, to be sure, but...
It still pains me every time I go to Costco to see that they don't sell any Apple products, even though they used to at some point. I believe there was a big dispute because Costco wanted to resell all Apple products and Apple refused -- they only wanted to let them sell iPods and excess iMac inventory. As a result, now Costco has become one of the top resellers of Android phones and tablets. It's high time for Apple to start courting them again.
They just got a deal they couldn't refuse. It's not like the Surface 2 is such a bad product, it just doesn't have any software for it. For this specific application, that's not an issue as the tablet is supposed to only contain the technical manuals. It's very likely that Microsoft has provided the tablets and phones at or below cost, just to get some buzz going. At this point, it's not like they have much to lose anyway.
 Yeah, because at least if they spent more money on advertising they'd have record sales, lines around the block and sell out all inventory. Oh, wait. Never mind.
Blackberry devices no longer have a keyboard... Maybe that's why they don't sell, who knows!
Including stock Android UI would have been interesting, but I doubt it would have changed the results much. For having used both, I'm expecting that it would score pretty near Samsung's version on all metrics. I'm more interested about the impartiality of the study; it would not be good to find out that it was indirectly financed by Apple funds.
Now all they need is customers committed to buying it and they're ready for world domination! Oh, wait, that hasn't been working too well for them lately.
I like the watch! But I like my Pebble better, and it works with all Android and iOS phones, not just with the Note 3...
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