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You know what's worse than Flash? Adobe Air. A nasty, worthless abortion of a wannabe competitor to Java and C#, constantly asking for updates. At least few companies were dumb enough to use it, sadly Amazon selected it for its music apps.
And it gives you the trots.
NOOOOOoooooooooooooo! T-Mobile is wonderful and Comcast would just turn it into crap. You'd have to call every 6 months if you didn't want your bill to triple automatically. And please, no merger with Dish either. They just sacked a quadriplegic employee for using medical MJ on his personal time in Colorado, where it's legal. I'm not doing business with a heartless, brainless company like that.
I had the previous version. The noise cancellation didn't do much, the sound quality was awful. I was getting better noise insulation from a $30 pair of Klipsch earbuds, not to mention considerably better quality (Klipsch earbuds are fantastic values, by the way) I would never buy a Phiaton product again.
I disagree. For a while I used a Powermat wireless charging battery case with my iPhone 5, and I loved the concept. It's incredibly convenient to be able to just plop down your phone and have it charge, even if it's at a slower rate than it would when plugged in. Mind you, with the super fragile and non-reversible microUSB connector found on Android phones, it's even more of an advantage not having to plug in, but even on my iPhone I appreciated not having to deal with...
No, it has not. The FCC has ruled that it was illegal to advertise unlimited data and then apply arbitrary limits after which throttling is applied. In other words, it's perfectly legal to throttle as long as you're upfront about it. For instance, T-Mobile's lower tier plans advertise unlimited data but always clearly stated how much full speed data they included and what happened after you hit the cap, and that's legal. What really stinks in this story is that the FCC...
Looks like a legit company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Customer_Satisfaction_Index It's a metric, it may not be that meaningful, especially considering what is known about purchases of the iPhone 6/6 plus (a large percentage of them are from switchers) And I am also floored that anyone could consider themselves satisfied with an Android phone but hey, maybe they think it's "good enough".
That grandfathering is such a scam. You have a 5GB plan, WITH THROTTLING. You're clinging onto a worthless plan with a worthless company. Don't believe me? Try going over 5GB in a month and see what happens. Hello throttling, good bye data. Ditch AT&T and go T-Mobile. You'll save tons of money and won't patronize a business run by thieves.
It's essentially T-Mobile's plan, with the difference that you pay for the data you use (great, but only for people who don't use a lot of data -- if you use several GB per month T-Mo is cheaper), and it can use the Sprint network too (not a selling point for many, because Sprint's coverage is awful). Looking at my usage on T-Mobile, this would actually cost me more than I pay right now.
How drunk does one have to be on the Republican Kool-Aid to believe that getting rid of Net Neutrality would benefit customers? We have one of the lousiest and most expensive internet service of the industrialized world. People in Europe pay $30/month for broadband + TV + international calling. Compare to your cable bill. Deregulation has allowed the creation of monopolies and kept the prices high via the complete lack of competition and the greed of the carriers. We need...
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