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I wonder if the reason for his success is that he received daily massages with beer.
I am such a fan of Daniel's articles. Always a very interesting, unique and insightful angle, well documented, and written in an inimitable style. Well done, sir, well done. There is a book contract in your very near future.
Could we please start calling Microsoft "the beleaguered company" now? Pretty please?
Works great in my 2011 Prius. During last service the dealership forgot to reset the service warning and the Automatic wasn't seeing it. I tried a full OBDII tool I had handy and it couldn't clear it either. After some googling I found out that there's a magic key combination that resets it, I guess it's not a real check engine light, just a service reminder based on time and mileage. Anyway, I've been using it for about a year and it really helps taming poor driving...
If you think you might at some point want to develop an iOS app, you need to get a Mac. I don't think it explains all of the sales bump in emerging markets, but I'm sure it's responsible for some of it. That, and the fact that the emerging middle class there needs its status symbols and that glowing Apple logo in the back of the screen is as ostentatious as the "LV" pattern on a Vuitton purse.
They were so busy copying Apple's products that they forgot to copy Apple's way of making money... D'oh!
That was my first reaction, but it could also be that they refused to provide the Chinese government with tracking information, or allowing them to turn tracking on stealthily. At any rate, it's obvious that the government's complaint is completely baseless, so there definitely is some sort of power play here.
Finally got a reply from the seller. They do NOT collect sales tax for orders going to California.
Do you even read what you write? Pathetic.
If anybody's trolling, you are. There is a law, it should apply to everybody the same. A company should not be able to apply for exemptions on the basis of its owner's religious beliefs. If the owner has such strong beliefs that they clash with the laws, then they should get out of the business, period. I find it completely outrageous that this 13,000 employee company is being depicted as a little mom-and-pop shop where the poor religious owners are being bullied by big...
New Posts  All Forums: