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Hardly a stop-the-presses security flaw, but Apple should be more proactive addressing all security issues if it wants to avoid the kind of snarky comments this guy makes.
That would explain the jump in AAPL today... Ah, analysts...
I used to work at one of the many startups Sculley drove into the ground. If you think Steve had a reality distortion field... This man is a (very, very rich) dimwit.
Don't use the link and don't try to download it from your iOS device. Just look for it in iTunes and then copy it to your iPad/iPhone.
It's in, and it's a little disappointing... Half the AVI and MKV files I've been throwing at it fail for one reason or another, garbled sound or no sound at all. The same files work fine in the old version and play perfectly in the latest version of Pro Player. It's going to be a while before it can compete with Pro Player, but it's nice to see VLC back on iOS.
Why call the guy an idiot? He was smart to ditch his POS Samsung for an iPhone. He just went the wrong way about it!
I've owned the Pebble for about a month now and I absolutely love it. The screen is beautiful, easy to read and the auto-backlight works great; and it's perfect at what it does. I'm often in meetings and I love getting inconspicuous notifications when a new text or call comes in; I can see who's calling and reject or take the call at the push of a button without having to take the phone out of my pocket. Perfect! There are other watches that offer similar features but...
I sure do have an axe to grind with Sprint: they're overpriced, underdeliver, and have maddeningly stupid policies, like refusing to unlock A PHONE YOU PAID FULL PRICE FOR. Plus, their use of the outdated CDMA technology allows them to have all sorts of ridiculous restrictions to what you can do with the phones. For instance, they will only activate phones on Virgin that were bought from Virgin. CDMA sucks; at least with Verizon you get good coverage and decent speeds;...
Virgin is a wholly owned Sprint subsidiary and they use Sprint's CDMA network. What they call 3G on it is a pathetic EVDO that doesn't even begin to compare with the 3G most GSM carriers use. Sprint originally deployed WiMax for its 4G, but this is a dead standard they're abandoning this year; as a result they're very late to the game deploying LTE. Last I heard Virgin (or any of Sprint's MVNOs) had no access to LTE. Sprint also has the crappiest policies when it comes...
It's a tempest in a teapot, completely manufactured by the publisher's PR. Would you have heard about this comic otherwise? I wouldn't have. Move along, there's absolutely nothing to see here.
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