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But if it's sold by a third party company, which it is, and that company has no business nexus in California, they don't have to collect tax.It has nothing to do with where the product ships from, but which business is doing the transaction.You still have to pay tax, though. It's just not collected by the seller on Sacramento's behalf.
Ships from Georgia... Looks like Californians may even be able to skip paying the sales tax, too. Of course, they will make sure to report the purchase on their CA tax return later. At these prices, I'm not sure why anybody would buy the 16GB or 32GB model, the price difference with the 64GB is really not much.
Apple and Tim Cook are not pushing their views on their employees. When Apple added health coverage to domestic partners years ago, and when they took position against prop 8, it didn't take anything away from their straight or religious employees. What Hobby Lobby does pushes the religious values of the owners onto its 13,000 employees, and it's disgusting. There is no fundamental constitutional right for a company to have religious views and use them to bypass the laws...
Apparently, you are also pro religious dictatorships on American soil.You don't even know or understand the meaning of the word. You're repeating what you heard on the radio. You couldn't even explain what it is without first looking it up in a dictionary.What a cutting-edge, progressive position. Do you expect praise for this enlightened position? Yes, we do. You're the result of the dumbing down of the American education system. A complete ignoramus, an uneducated...
It's the part I quoted because it was the dumbest in your avalanche of idiocy. If you're going to say that two people have to be able to procreate in order to get married, then sterile men or menopausal women should also be excluded, shouldn't they? Besides, who do you think you are to edict that rule? Barren straight couples can adopt, and so can gay couples. And some gay parents resort to IVF. Besides, the whole point is moot, the batte has been fought and won, get over...
 Global warming is not a "liberal issue". Climate change is a fact that all climate scientists agree with worldwide -- with a few outliers who all happen to be on the payroll of major oil companies. Nuclear power? Why don't you move near Fukushima, Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. It's just incredible to see people display so much stupidity. Congratulations.
Yes, and I hear Hitler loved children and dogs.Being hateful towards a specific class is not absolved by being virtuous elsewhere. These are evil bigots who happen to be doing some good charity work. They're still assholes.
Right on. I would suggest Exxon, Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby. Oh, and there's a lovely creationist Noah's Ark amusement park ride looking for attendants, why don't you get a job there blazar. You'll love it.
It's so tiresome to read the same idiotic comments that have been brought up and debated into every single courtroom only to be debunked time after time after time. Why don't you educate yourself instead of pontificating like a complete imbecile and making an ass of yourself in public.
And they still won't let you download podcasts larger than 100MB over the cellular network. For ****'s sake, I have unlimited wireless and it's faster than my cable connection, why is Apple preventing me from doing what I want?
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