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Ah, Archos... The French Coby.
People still use Facebook?
Yes, and I posted about it on page 1...The case is flimsy and does not offer sufficient protection to the iPhone (it doesn't have a "lip" that raises slightly above the screen, for instance). The optional (and expensive) battery that attaches to the back of the case is great except that it barely gives the phone a 50% boost -- on a good day. I love the convenience of wireless charging and I'm currently using this case, but it does have a lot of flaws. It's fine if you get...
It's available again. I'm not crazy about the new interface (I don't see the point of using non-standard tabbing, for instance) but it's a considerable improvement over version 4.x. It's streamlined, more contrasted, less cluttered, and the font is more readable as well. So far, so good.
I've been using a Duracell Powermat case on my iPhone for several months. The Powermat mats and accessories were extremely expensive, but now it looks like it's all on fire sale on ebay. This is probably their last-ditch effort to stay relevant; the technology is sound, slightly better than Qi (it uses positioning magnets, a nice feature) -- but unlike Qi it's not built into any devices and cannot be added to any device without also adding bulk (Qi is built into Nexus 4...
I hope they kick out Number Guru, which slyly introduced an update that makes the app completely useless by requiring the user to watch ads before each number lookup.
Great, because all we need is more traffic in our horribly congested area.
It's the Palm Pilot of smart watches. Nothing revolutionary, but a very useful, well executed gadget at the right price point. It will eventually be overtaken by better, smarter products -- what isn't. But for now, I am quite certain it's the best smartwatch on the market by far.
Obviously carrier support is not needed to do VoIP over WiFi, but what TMo and Rogers offer is their own VoIP over WiFi seamlessly integrated with the cellular calling feature. You don't need to use a separate app for dialing like you would with Skype, just dial normally and the phone will pick the best network to make the call. Also, it will use your cell number. Up until now the feature was only supported on a very limited number of phones.
The AT&T microcell is a total POS. I had one, it never worked right and had tons of limitations. The damn thing has a frackin GPS chip inside to make sure you're using it at the address where you're supposed to be using it. In a lot of buildings, it just won't work or will take forever to boot up. Handoffs only work leaving the microcell; if you're home on a call and leave the house, you will be disconnected. The box is also a ridiculous inverted-Y shape that is impossible...
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