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Obviously carrier support is not needed to do VoIP over WiFi, but what TMo and Rogers offer is their own VoIP over WiFi seamlessly integrated with the cellular calling feature. You don't need to use a separate app for dialing like you would with Skype, just dial normally and the phone will pick the best network to make the call. Also, it will use your cell number. Up until now the feature was only supported on a very limited number of phones.
The AT&T microcell is a total POS. I had one, it never worked right and had tons of limitations. The damn thing has a frackin GPS chip inside to make sure you're using it at the address where you're supposed to be using it. In a lot of buildings, it just won't work or will take forever to boot up. Handoffs only work leaving the microcell; if you're home on a call and leave the house, you will be disconnected. The box is also a ridiculous inverted-Y shape that is impossible...
I installed the Chamberlain thingie a few months ago and it rocks, but being able to say "Hey, Siri, did I leave the garage door open?" or "Hey, Siri, open the garage door" is really awesome.
Did you ever see the cartoon "Cow & Chicken"? The Surface always reminds me of Cousin Boneless.
I'm not making excuses! I said it sucks as a tablet and it sucks as a laptop, and I never use it. It is, however, capable. It has a powerful core i5 processor, it's fast, it can run Windows software well. I suppose someone with good eyesight, tiny fingers and a higher tolerance threshold for Windows than mine would enjoy using it. But, like I said, it sucks. Do you always yell at people you agree with? Sheesh!
A bit of a shame for a talented developer like that to be wasting his talent on something as vapid as Facebook, but I'm willing to bet he's getting more money there than he ever would have at Apple. 12 years is an eternity in developer years... Switching is a good thing for all parties involved.
Looks like Apple threw some money their way this time.
How about compensation for all the infringing models that shipped? Not to mention, this was willful infringement, in the US Apple would be getting triple damages...
I have a Surface Pro 2 and, while I find it to be an extremely capable device, I never use it. Why? It sucks at being a tablet (too thick and heavy) and it sucks at being a laptop (it won't sit on your lap, and the flap stand is horrid). And Windows 8 makes me want to retch.
Severe slowdowns can actually be the result of overheating caused by dust accumulated in the heat sinks and fan ducts.Open up the computer and clean everything up with a compressed air can. Pay particular attention to the fans and fan blades.It can make a dramatic difference, and at the very least it's worth a try.
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