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They took advantage of Nokia's management's ineptitude to buy their patent's portfolio. The only reason they didn't immediately sack everyone is more likely related to labor laws than anything else.
The UK electrical standard is insane. How do people live with these massive power plugs? Whomever designed them and imposed that ridiculous standard should be shot.
I just love to see these homophobes squirm and scream and drag their feet and pray and be in denial that marriage equality is now the law of the land, federally. Better get used to it. It's here to stay.
Brilliant, Rand Paul and Ron Paul, Dumb and Dumber. I wouldn't put them in charge of replacing the urinal cakes in my office. Good thing neither of them will ever get near to hold public office outside of some garbage state nobody cares about.
I'm just so thrilled knowing that some of the angry posters on this thread will be blowing a gasket today reading about the Supreme Court's decision... Same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Get ready to see a lot of celebration this week end.
What you say doesn't even begin to make sense. Quote the specific law you're referring to, or STFU.
Not quite sure what makes you believe that you have the slightest beginning of a valid point here. Are they legally allowed to do what they did? Yes. Do they have a legal obligation to do so? Absolutely not. So they deliberately implement an intrusive policy that violates a person's privacy and right to treatment. You must be a seriously callous and uneducated person to be thinking that way.
I am not (well, not anymore). I removed it from my system. Yes, a few sites don't work without it. I found alternatives. Their loss, not mine.
You know what's worse than Flash? Adobe Air. A nasty, worthless abortion of a wannabe competitor to Java and C#, constantly asking for updates. At least few companies were dumb enough to use it, sadly Amazon selected it for its music apps.
And it gives you the trots.
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