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I have battery cases. Lots of them. They're bulky and inefficient. It takes a huge battery case to add the same amount of juice you'd get with a slightly thicker and heavier phone. I'm glad you love your iPhone, but you're clearly pulling your 99% figure right out of your nether regions. Battery life is an issue with all smartphones, and the iPhone in particular. If Apple is, as the rumor says, coming up with two new iPhone sizes, they're obviously aware that "one size...
Running out of juice has a serious adverse effect on the ownership experience. If the iPhone's battery life was not an issue to "most users," Samsung would not have picked on it for its anti-Apple commercials.
Who do you think you are? I can't believe how arrogant and self-important you are. I'm TELLING you what *I* would prefer. I have battery cases. I've actually had battery cases since my first iPhone. Mophie, Tylt, brand-X, dozens of them. They ALL suck. They add considerable bulk to the phone, much more than a higher capacity battery would. It's an inefficient concept that wastes a lot of energy in the conversion, using one battery to charge another. I would like to have...
I wouldn't mind trading some thinness and weight against a whole-day battery life... The 5S is gorgeous, but if you use LTE or the GPS a lot, an external battery or battery case is pretty much a requirement. I'd love to have the option of a 5Ah battery, even if that meant a thicker, heavier phone.
Breathing a sigh of relief. All I needed was for my beloved T-Mobile to be destroyed by the No Network.
They're full of crap. When AT&T decided to turn my "grandfathered" so-called unlimited plan into a 2GB plan by throttling so brutally that even getting email became impossible, I filed complaints with the PUC and the FCC, and I got a very polite reply (6 months later) explaining to me that there was nothing they could do. I switched to T-Mobile and everyday I tell myself how lucky I am to have made that move. Ahole carriers like AT&T and Verizon pull these stunts all the...
Most people have no concept or understanding of the actual cost of their wireless contract -- phone line. AT&T gives them a $450 discount on the phone in exchange for a 2 year commitment, and they don't smell the dinosaur-size rat hiding behind that "gift". It's basic arithmetic any 8 year old should be able to do, but somehow all they see is the lower upfront cost ("I need the subsidies, I would never have been able to pay for the iPhone 5s otherwise!") It's not really...
My favorite: the incredible sales figures of the 5c, which ALL the investors gave Apple crap about, and called a failed product until recently. Turns out it's a runaway success. Goes to show how clueless these "analysts" are.
Double-digit growth on a phone that's 2 generations behind Android flagship phones and with the new latest and greatest widely rumored to be announced in just a couple of months. If that's not spectacular performance, I don't know what is. Throw in increased market share for iPad, increased margins... That is not the picture of failure.
I wonder if the reason for his success is that he received daily massages with beer.
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