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After hours trading is now at $565.
Plex is available on FireTV, and is also available on GoogleTV and Roku. It's a glaring omission on the AppleTV. The article should mention that.
Willful infringement has nevervbeen so easy to prove, those dimwits carefully accumulated all the needed documentation -- which also proves how they either are incredibly clueless about the law, or that it was a calculated move where they expected to gain sufficient market dominance that it would be worth paying the triple damages that go with it. Either way, I hope they're severely punished. I wiuldn't be sad to see their arrogant business of shitty copycat phones go...
Another D.E.D. home run... I was laughing out loud reading this article. Well done, sir. Well done.
Seacrest out!
We love free market, except when it gets in our way of making profit and exploiting talent at the lowest possible cost. This is going to drive up the cost of engineers in the Silicon Valley, but before they all rejoice they should realize that it's going to bring offshoring back on the front burner...
That's really disgusting on Apple's part. Why do they feel compelled to act as the carrier's police when Android doesn't? Nice way to drive customers away to Android.
It's not like the problem is limited to executives and to Apple. In 20 years in the Silicon Valley, I have worked with a grand total of three African Americans; never interviewed a single black candidate for an open position. Don't know what the reason is, but there seems to be a disproportionately low percentage of blacks in the high-tech industry; i don't know what the official statistics are.
Took me a minute to see the little /s at the end of your post. Well done, sir, well done. :-)
People choose their religion. They can change religious affiliation, and do so everyday. Therefore, according to Rogifan's own reasoning, there is no rational reason to protect religion. Hey, here's something we can agree on!
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