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And now GarageBand is a paid $5 upgrade.
What's brilliant is that they use the payment terminals that Google financed for their failed Wallet program.
Bullish on Apple? That's crazy! Look at all the reports that the iPhone 6 Plus bends! It's a disaster! The stock tanked! Apple is doomed! I'm willing to bet Samsung is behind that very convenient wave of bad PR... Which had been extremely well handled by Apple. What's funny is that to this day people still refer to "antennagate" as if it were a real problem, when in reality it was never anything more than a tempest in a teapot. I have to say, so far I'm loving my 6 Plus...
It's an impossible job: insane pressure from management to release, but secrecy requirements that make it impossible to test correctly. And then the sh... hits the fan and you're left holding the bag. Being able to hold that position for 14 years says a lot about how good the man is, actually.
Nobody's going to bend a samsuck device, they're too busy pooping on them.
Today I was at Costco and noticed that when I turned on the phone a Costco icon showed up at the bottom left of the screen, opposite of the camera unlock. Swiping it took me directly to the Costco app. I had never seen this before iOS 8.
Is this the same as the GM that was available to developers?
I find it a little silly to make an expensive gold version of such an ephemeral product. This watch is like a cell phone, and doesn't really have a life expectancy of more than three years. I suspect it exists not so much to be sold, but more to validate the idea of this watch as a luxury product, in effect making the steel or aluminum version also look like luxury products by association. But then again, I'm sure it will find buyers, too.
Good luck reaching these limits with the pathetic speeds of their pokey network. Unless you're in one of the very few places where they actually have LTE service, you're stuck with lousy EVDO speeds which don't even begin to compare with what other carriers call 3G.I'm so happy the attempted merger with T-Mobile failed. Sprint sucks big green donkey dicks.
If only the sales figures agreed with him. But they tell a much different story...
New Posts  All Forums: