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I've heard from a Tokyo resident that Japan's Apple stores always have a line stretching around the block, at any given time. I'm willing to bet that those seven stores account for an extremely large volume of iPad sales. That's a huge piece of the pie to ignore.
Honestly, I'm not crazy about the pastel colors Apple has been using these days. I'd like to see more solid colors, earth tones. When they produce a navy blue iPhone, I'll be all over it.
I believe Apple wants to have their handset on the table with the other mockup phones at electronics retailers.
I'm going to say that this is a mock up for sales purposes. This looks like an electronics store employee unpacking other handset mockups. On the counter below the hand is a mockup for an Android handset. Mockups are always shipped in bubble wrap.
The only tablet that had a chance against the iPad was the WebOS TouchPad. HP should not have been so quick to throw in the towel. I worked in tablet sales. I remember the Toshiba Thrives, Blackberry Playbooks and Galaxy Tabs sitting on the store room shelves, unsold and unloved, same as the Windows Phones.
It's about time! The original VLC app was fantastic. Luckily, I had downloaded the original before it was yanked from the App Store.
This is exactly why iOS attracts more developer attention. If I'm developing software, I want that software on the platform that pays. The incentive for writing top notch software is quite attractive. This makes for a very healthy platform ecosystem.
Wouldn't the cable going to the iPhone only be carrying a standard 5V USB charge? No one is going to die from a 5V at ~1A.
Of those 500 stores, I'm willing to bet that each location gets one or two iPads. That's just a drop in the bucket. Why shouldn't one of Apple's largest outlets of iPhone sales get a crack at the iPad?
I would personally like to see Sprint get an iPhone. They offer great rate plans for data users and have pretty decent coverage. They're also the most lenient towards customers with less than perfect credit. The highest deposits with Sprint, right now, are $50. Their 3G network is great and their 4G coverage is expanding rapidly enough. I sell AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Sprint is, by far, the easiest to sell. $129 for two lines, when Verizon's comparable plan is...
New Posts  All Forums: