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I wonder how long it will take before Apple begins to hire Google employees?? Tim is not Steve, and working conditions at Apple may improve dramatically in the coming years. Steve did not head up Apple Skunk-Works, he took the projects that everyone said had a future, he brought them forward. So it is only a matter of time, this goes back and forth all the time.
Ding-to the-Ding!!
Another angle is, what if Eric was still on the Apple board when the incident occurred? I'm thinking it would be bad form at best to have a board member's company actively soliciting workers, the board member could have access to which engineers to target. Just a thought.
Agreed, Apple is now grinding it out with Andriod, Apple is in a perfect place. Before they were selling about 25% of the smart phones and taking home the lion's share of the profits. Now it appears Apple is taking in 45% of the smart phone customers and on top of that most of the profits. Droids better innovate fast while they still have monies to support R&D.
Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but as I understand it SJ organized Apple so that Ive reports to no one, not even to Tim Cook. So apparently SJ was either concerned that Forstall may get to CEO and didn't want him wrecking Ive, or SJ didn't want anyone wrecking Ive or his visions, or SJ just created a new position in a company one that is above all, one that answers to no one. The head of design is above reproach, no one can directly direct them. SJ said he was going...
Ditto..... http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Apple-...32256.html?x=0
A ButtLoad.... http://www.fool.com/investing/genera...ossal-cup.aspx
"what were the inventory run-ups prior to the intro? ", "Assuming that production", "supposing they had", "been roughly at", "China rumored numbers", "don't know what they are producing", "could be 4s", "that could produce", "numbers could have ", "painting a moving target", "numbers ran from ~23M to ~40M", "very difficult to nail down", "My guess is", "difficult to nail down", "just as easy to say", "yeah I think ", "600,000/day?", "I don't know.", " if memory serves me",...
Another way of looking at it, is to take peak iPhone 4 production numbers and multiply by 1.5 to 2 and that would represent a good starting number. That would be something that Apple could have told Foxconn. That is based on the fact that smartphone demand is only growing and therefore demand for the new product should outstrip old product demand. So it appears that peak demand was in Q2 at 18.6Mil for iPhone 4, so that is 28Mil to 37Mil projected going into the 4s season....
My numbers ran from ~23M to ~40M, to me that says the upper limit is still very difficult to nail down. @400,000 the 4s alone could represent 31M. My guess is that 4s production could be a bit higher than anticipated. I would assume that 4 is doing well-ish as well, lower price......... The whole thing is difficult to nail down, I mean it is just as easy to say it is possible that Apple had anticipated huge demand and (Tim Cook) decided it was best to pay for way more than...
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