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I would think so. They made a (relatively) big deal of the three x 4k monitors at the keynote.It'll be $$$$
Well, this sort of thing pretty much defines my ideal Mac -- or whatever they would call it. So I hope you're right about that part.Giving up the name would be a ballsy move, though. So would refusing to go with the iName convention.But it's Apple....they've never been afraid of killing even the most successful product lines.
It would have to be a heck of a surge to get 4k monitors down to the price of current ones, which was what I meant by "substantial". Of course, XI comes after X, but there's that whole Spinal Tap thing.... Whatever - sure, I'll bet you a six pack of beer :-) shipping not included ;-) Wait, did you add the last part? I didn't see it at first. So, what do you expect it to be?
Is there any evidence to suggest that 4k displays are in for a sudden and substantial drop in price? If not, it's hard to see Apple being competitive in this category, since their monitors tend to be high-quality and expensive. The cheapest I could find were over $4,000. Hard to see Apple coming in at less. Oh, and can we lay the OS XI debate to rest? OS X will have a successor at some point, obviously, but it will not be called "OS XI"... There's simply no chance of...
Is that thing a joke? It has a stylus... How'd that work out for Fossil?   Anyway, they've made nothing except a render.
Anyone have a sense of whether or not this would run on my feeble and ancient Core 2 Duo MacBook with GMA 950 (hangs head in shame)...?
This thread is full of win.
My window doesn't have a view of the future. Nor does it have a view of the places to which I travel on business.Regarding the upgrade reason, I have two:- Because I like having the latest model and don't have any need for a justification beyond that.- Because not taking the telco's subsidy is effectively giving them more money. I'd rather give it to Apple who make things I want rather than provide services I have no option other than to buy.
This makes sense. I used to be keen on the idea of a Haswell iMac, just because that fit my general upgrade schedule. But Retina has spoiled me. I have it on my 4s and iPad, and there's no way I could go back to the muddy, fuzzy non-Retina screens on anything else.
Apple stated in ther most recent earnings call that they believe such speculation has an effect on sales.
New Posts  All Forums: