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Phew. glad we got that sorted out.
The demo models I've used in the store seem laggy and jumpy when scrolling or moving in/out of full-screen view in iPhoto and Aperture. Is the the case for real-life users, or is it restricted to the floor models? Thanks.
I'm a professional too. The RMBP meets my needs. What now?
Your iPhone 1 must have been very different from mine. My 4S's camera is an order of magnitude better than was my 1's.
Damn. What a beast of a computer. Precisely a million times the RAM of my 6502 based box from the eighties....Anyway, I had a deal for an '06 Pro fall through recently. The specs of your model make me think that it would still be a cheap way to go since I already have a nice monitor. Maybe prices will come down even more after WWDC.I use a Mini for photography, and my 7D's big RAW files are crushing it.
I have no opinion on how much - if any - Apple's designs owe to Braun, but from various interviews I've seen or heard over the years, I think it's safe to say that Ive is an admirer of some of that work.I certainly would hope so, since the Braun stuff is gorgeous.
They certainly do make things, and will make more soon now that the Motorola Mobility purchase is complete.
Profitable companies are not sold for market cap valuations. Intel would cost an awful lot more than 130m.Not that there's even the remotest chance of this actually happening for many other reasons.
Code: He wouldn't have been the first computer industry guy to try. Sir Clive Sinclair had a crack at this in the mid 80s, though I guess calling it a car was stretching the definition. Calling it a huge failure wasn't, though. It was Sinclair's main interest; much more so than the Spectrum 8-bit computer that made him rich... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinclair_C5
But a 17" laptop does?
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