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What do you mean? How would Apple cease being "great" (if you accept they currently are) if they stopped shipping a 17" laptop?
Lol. Sad but (in my experience too) true...More seriously, as a generally pretty fit person, 6.6lbs on its own is no big deal. But added to a briefcase full of papers (alas, only so much can be digital even these days) it can get heavy. And said briefcase is just a little too small for me.But still my next MBP will be a 17" if they are available. I do some event photography and every pixel is helpful in post.
Ah, those mythical "real pros" and "power users".... What exactly are they again? Why are 15" or 17" users unable to claim such an exalted status?I ask because all the real pros and power users I know are using larger MacBook pros. Only show-offs, poseurs and snobs use Airs!Oh no! Clashing anecdotes! What now?
Well, not Palm or HP.
Yes. This is aimed at Microsoft, not at Apple.They pretty much are at this point.
I agree (unfortunately) regarding IOS 6. But I do want to say that whatever voodoo they did with 5.1 has had a *sensational* impact on my first gen iPad: not a single Safari crash since upgrading, and it's smooth as silk once more. Not sluggish at all. Basically, they saved they device for me; it had become so unstable in the last couple of months that I was about to ditch it in favor of an 11" Air. Not any more!
Today's announcement has obviously upped the stakes considerably in the resolution department. Anyone who has used an iPhone 4 or 4S will appreciate how big of a difference there is between Retina and older displays. Where does this leave the notebooks and iMacs? Of course, "Retina" seems to have a moveable definition, based around the distance between users' eyes and the device. Also, computers differ in their use of resolution, in at they are able to scale elements to...
I know! It made me think of *the* Workerbee...or was that MacRumors? Or ThinkSecret? Damn. It's been a long time.
The iMac. I know that's not what people want to hear, but I think there's an increasing chance that it's what Apple plans.
Yeah, I'm going to need a fuzzy pic, preferably taken in an elevator, before I buy into this. It would be best if the device was inside a G3 tower at the time.
New Posts  All Forums: