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Hardly. This is a rumor. Not like Amazon stated that they were doing it. And which tech company isn't consistently working on its products' successors?In what way is the Fire not a "real" tablet?
Rest in peace, Steve.
Too bad. The Zune HD was a pretty nice piece of hardware, and I was looking forward to future iterations. Less choice is never good.
I think he meant concave, not convex like old TVs. There was a mockup of a concave (i.e. wraparound) iMac that floated around a while back. The design was horrible but the idea was good imho.
Absolutely. They are not going to make it curved in the same way the nano is. If there's a curve, it'll be concave and longitudinal - like the original Android phone (the one made for Google by Samsung iirc) was.
Yup. Apple is just no longer interested in the desktop-monitor paradigm any longer, despite the excellent suggestions made in this thread...Nothing's wrong at One Infinite Loop. They just don't see any significant value or profit in pursuing something like this. And I'm inclined to agree: the people who swarm their stores every hour of the day are buying iPhones, Airs and iMacs - more than ever before.
You haven't heard it asked because it's a ridiculous question.
Eleven years after my first Mac purchase, it's hard to think of the company without him. Thanks, Steve. Best of luck.
Lol, I guess you're right. That said, it is better than my '06 MacBook...
Enough of the "professionals saved Apple" nonsense. When Apple focused on professionals, it was in deep doodoo. After Jobs returned, the two products that *really* turned things around were released: the iMac and the iPod. They were aimed squarely at consumers. They have been followed by the iPad and iPhone, which are just as consumer-friendly and even more profitable. Back in the late nineties Apple sold overpriced, uncompetitive hardware and the professionals were...
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