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Tallest Skil: who told you it wouldn't be obsoleted for such a long time? Why did you believe them?
I want the iMacs to look like this. Right now they just look....wrong....beside each other.
Microsoft does not manufacture hardware in the personal computer space. It licenses operating systems, and is making a huge profit doing so. If you want to compare Apple's margins, better to compare them with Dell or HP.
Eh I thought that too with my first gen (!) iPhone. I was holding on for the 5, but it became unusable last weekend. So I got the 4. Ok, in a few months, it'll be outdated, but I don't care. It's a great device; so much better than my first-gen, it's as if it were a whole new class of phone. Which I guess it is, really. So I'll hold off considering any update until the 6 at the earliest, but more likely the 7. Since my MacBook is from '06, there's a realistic chance that...
Apple has demonstrated the ability to make substantial profits in areas traditionally thought to yield only razor-thin margins. Indeed, they are doing so as I write in both computers and smartphones. Not that I am agreeing with this analyst; I just don't think it's a given that they will always ignore this market. Goodness knows, its horrific UIs and general user experience could benefit greatly from some Cupertino expertise. Their existing relationships with content...
I'm curious about this too. Is there a six-core option in the current or planned CPU lineup? Would Apple be able to retain their margins in the iMac if they went octo-core? Will Ivy Bridge bring significant improvements in the lineup?Edit: Good grief. 3346 days since I registered and I'm one short of 400 posts...
I'm just curious......why upgrade at all? It seems your computing needs are very modest, and if your G4 (I looooove that iMac) cannot meet them, then your wife's likely can....
Nokia going into extinction? You really believe that?
Uh ok. Because using an OS completely unsuited to touch operation makes perfect sense.
I think that makes perfect sense. It's what happened to the X-Serve. However, if there's one Apple product that might survive for purely sentimental reasons, it's the click-wheel iPod. Of course, that may already have been the case for some time.
New Posts  All Forums: