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They've managed to retool for the nanos every year.
That's how I would have worded it...
ESPN360 appears to be borked in Safari for me since the update. Works in Firefix though.
That makes no sense. No one is forcing you to print. But some - and I am one - need hard copy for their job. I wish I didn't but I do. So I am really looking forward to printing wirelessly from my iPad.
If you switch constantly wouldn't you be better off not locking orientation?
Been a Mac user since 8.6 on a Lombard. Didn't know this shortcut, and I love my keyboard shortcuts! Thanks!
I thought the device was to be stand alone, meaning you could buy it for your Samsung. I really don't believe Apple will start offering FSTVs. Because of e-ink, battery life and price.Far as I can see, the biggest barrier is Apple's ability (or otherwise) to make enough of 'em...
I'm a previous purchaser - in fact I have bought around half a dozen Macs over the years - but I didn't ever try to upgrade in the way that was suggested. While I suppose it might work, I don't see why Apple should even consider it. There was nothing wrong with the computer the poster bought, and this industry has a four-decade long history of quick updates. ++ That other 95% is likely comparing this iMac to a much older version with far inferior specs, or thinking about...
When did it ever?
Of the patent system, right? Nothing idiotic about suing if you already won $600m.
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