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They already did. They use iOS. Apple gets $ and they get a nice device. And soon, when iOS runs on top of OS X, it won't matter.
It isn't a waste of resources if they're selling.
Me too. My three year old first gen iPhone is pretty beat up. Fine by me so long as it works, which it does. It's a phone, not a Van Gogh.* * Sorry Steve.
Because it's being viewed at an angle.
Tried that last week. Turns out you can't see Chicago from Connecticut.
nm.... TBell already said it. Let's just say it's surprising how many people are unaware of retailers' rights. No, they do not have to accept cash. Come to that, they don't have to offer refunds either, though most choose to.
The lens size is not the reason. It's sensor size that dictates image quality.
You are luckier than me. I don't cosset my 1st gen iPhone by any means, but I certainly don't test it the way you do. Nevertheless, I am hoping it will survive to June or whenever the next one appears. I had a stuck pixel recently, which had gradually extended itself to a grey line that covers around half the screen. Another two appeared above the first, so I have three pixel-deep lines now. I suspect they'll gradually increase in size until they cover the full width of...
I would be extremely skeptical that such a "significant group" exists.
I don't understand why people are still trying to push this position. Apple has contacted Gizmodo asking for its return. This is not in doubt. While the case may well not be the shipping item, there is absolutely no doubt that this is an Apple device. The specs uncovered in the tear-down make it unlikely to be a previous-gen iPhone.
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