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Sure - that's easy to understand. But the person in this case did not leave the device on the floor/seat/bar.
Making monitors touch capable is pretty trivial these days; making OS X touch capable* is far from trivial and much more important. *In an acceptable, Apple-like way.
Apple has usually shown a strong preference for the considerations of the US market over the rest of the world market.
I don't recall this ever being stated by Apple as their policy.
Of course it has one advantage over Courier: it exists.
However, it describes a lot of people's work needs.
On the other hand, after you sue them you'll be all set for a while.
It takes huge effort to tool up to produce anything as complex as a computer in large numbers, especially one with a new form factor and processor. I have no doubt that ramping supply up will take a while. I really don't think Apple needs any artificial help in generating buzz - the way your analogous nightclub would - about the iPad. It has received saturation coverage from the moment the keynote ended.
Yes. You do far more damage by pissing customers off than you gain by a specious limiting policy. That works for nightclubs; not so much for expensive consumer electronics. Spread the iPads around, and stop people trying to buy up large quantities and flip them.
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