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I worked in retail for a while, and our basic strategy was "have things on the shelves so people can give us money for them."
Maybe, but the original analogy was meaningless.lol, true: but they sure are going to want to look at one!
Really? Well, that's good. Maybe I'll swing by my local B&N and see if it's worth the $ now.
Presumably for people who lose theirs.
How many did you want to pre-order?Why? Are you privy to some sales information denied the rest of us?I think this is overblown. By some metrics, Nintendo left $1b on the table in un-met Wii demand. Apple likes its high-margin products. I think they would like to sell one to anyone who wants one. I believe this measure is designed to limit opportunities for flippers.
The one I tried was so slow and unresponsive as to be basically unusable.Edit: ...and I *wanted* to love it.
The general consensus is that this is because Apple wants to be able to update iBooks without requiring a full OS update. But it makes no difference whether it's "native" or not, or how you get the app. The iPad is designed to be an e-reader, among other things.
I could care less about meeting Woz or getting his autograph, but I would love to have the watch he's wearing in the pic: I think it's a rare nixie tube watch...
Overreact much?
Seems to me that higher numbers are better, as they increase the chance of finding an app you like. Of course, that would be predicated on Apple significantly improving the App Store's interface and search.
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