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you can authorize up to five computers per apple id account. There is an option to reset all authorizations but this is limited in time, that is you can only reset your authorizations every year or so. The number of ipods you can connect to one library is unlimited. Great pricing, restrictions look ok, iPhone will come with SIM card in package. Also dock, earphones and cleaning cloth :-)
Sorry, But saying that every phone has GPS installed is ... well really stupid. GPS is a positioning system and has nothing to do with cellular function. Telco can track a cellphone in relation to the signal received in at least three masts but that's not being used yet in a cell function, it will probably never will. It is used to track down stolen cells/runaway teens/... but that's another story. Iphone will appeal to business users as it does to youngsters, but it will...
I think you're right, waiting for the aTV/airport xtreme sized little computer/home server to be announced at WWDC.
You sadly should've shut up in the first place! Nobody is talking about the impact of plastics in our daily life, they're everywhere and being very usefull. (Actually we should stop using fossil fuels to power our cars and solely keep it for future plastic uses, just a thought)The problem is what to do after they've been usefull. Plastic products last for hundreds and hundreds of years and placing them in a forest will not see them just "disappear" and turn back to...
as gmail is web based a web browser as Safari will do that. the thing is push email (instantly receiving an e-mail and not checking a web page). Google already offers a kinda push email, they send you an sms when you receive an email, however i do not know if this is free and you still have to go to the webpage to check the original email. greetings.PS: ilounge's Jeremy Horwitz says flash based Zune is going to be presented this monday.
That's not true rates depend on which company is friends with your own. you pay far less if you stay in the same franchise. Like Orange-France Telecom-Mobistar (Belgium)-... or Vodaphone-Proximus (Bel)-... or KPN-Hi-Bouygues Telecom (Fra)-Base (Bel)-... But Roaming is going to get a lot cheaper in Europe. Something we have to thank EU bureaucrats for. They finally get to call cheaper back home and the rest of us during holidays! Ireland: Stop talking, you're making a fool...
Isn't the movie trailer function a direct download from the net? a-maze edit: "It can also pull a very limited amount of music and video directly off the Internet onto the TV." - WSJ
They've added movie trailers in HD on apple's website, not only 720 but also 1020 formats are ready to be viewed.... some miss information been thrown around?
you don't understand. AppleTV is here to pave the road for future products. But the future will be not one product doing everything (MS style) but a set of products doing a couple of things very good. If you wan't everything you describe buy a Mini, a second external hard drive or something like this. Apple TV is a way to capitalize on the iTunes-iPod success and putting your content on the most widespread electronics device, the TV-set. it's that easy, it really is. a-Maze
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