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It IS technically possible, the problem is the OK of content providers, especially movie studios like Disney, where does SJ sit on the board.. right. They could go full frontal, and provide semi legal ways of going around that but (like with the iPod) they prefer to be all open to content providers (contrary to recent lover google with youtube).
Still you can go as fast as you can but when there's a data packet lost you get hiccups so draft N vs g isn't the main point. I'm sure that's why there's a hd in the appleTV. Still it won't do for live streaming!
I have digital TV streaming through my house and my cable company uses a state of the art router and access point. 802.11x is not enough, you need to have interference free data transmission for live tv ! check out www.ruckuswireless.com for more info. It's all about the antenna!
double post sorry
The way you describe is never going to hold because of content protection. But what is interesting is the fact you can watch what you want and only pay for what you watch. Hey... waite a moment... we already have that! Think digital TV (via cable or broadband via IPTV). I can watch what i want whenever i want on my hard disk (80 Gigs!!!) decoder box for a selected amount of shows for a fixed price. I can even rent movies/TV shows/ whatever for a small amount whenever i...
Probably you're right, but apple will have to do better and add 3G. Look at the Nokia N95, now selling for around €690, that is around 890 US Dollars. It has 3.5G, 5 megapixel camera (and video), Carl Zeiss lens, and a mini memory card slot (upto 2 Gigs), and WiFi...and GPS! Price point for the iPhone seems right for the European market but they will have to add 3G to convince PC users. PS : check out the Vista poll at CNET, quite funny.
so wouldn't statistics mean that you correct for bias response rates (in your example over 75 percent in us and only 10 % in Asia) Or do you think in Asia they all responded different brands and the graph is more spread out? Wow that would mean brand interest in a more post-communism part of the world is more differentiated than the number one freedom of choice country?
where do u live?? Europeans put real world brands in their top lists. Clothing: Zara, furniture: Ikea, ... haven't you heard of Skype???? This is the one brand even my mother in law knows, families get spread out around the wordl and how do you think they communicate??? Btw: it seems like good ol' american dream is translating in all bubble brands, let's see in 10 years... it's probably a bias (internet polling, internet results). But isn't perception more important than...
as it's spelled out in the article, it will be added! this is great news, probably the version sold in europe will already have it!!! This is, I repeat, great news. Just waiting for it to be released here in Belgium, as it is illegal over here to sell locked phones (it is called coupled sales), Apple will have to sell them unlocked! we'll ship them unlocked to whomever wants them! i(simplylove)phone
i've read the article and i fully agree. the focus of cell phone manufacturers is completely off. They try to compete with video, photo, color screens, fancy design, ... but at the same time mobile phone providers try to make money out of non-content like ringtones, wallpapers, MMS (picture messages), data transmitting. The most important transferring of data is between my home pc and my phone. (This doesn't need to be in real time, although i like PUSH e-mails (in my...
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