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iWork is a steal, anyway you look at it. Keynote 1.0 was $99. Now you get Keynote 2 AND Pages for $79!!?? Leave it to Apple to "think different." You have to love the simplicity of the product. Almost too easy to use, Pages can help anyone create visually appealing content that looks professional. I'm about to sell a house and you better believe I'll be using Pages for the layout. I also own a small web firm and often use Flash (instead of powerpoint) for my business...
Hello, I have both Apple Mail and MS Entourage installed on my Mac. I primarily use Mail with my .mac account, which I use with friends, and use Entourage from time to time, but not daily. When I want to send a photo from iPhoto, Entourage is at the bottom as the default client. When I go to iPhoto preferences and chose the drop down menu "Mail using" Mail IS there, but highlighted out, NOT an option to select?? How can I select Mail instead of Entourage as...
Considering the reports at mac rumors + steve wanting to release + another rep stating the same for 2nd qtr 2004, it is not out of the question.
I am not sure if this is BS, but someone just spoke to me about a vendor who is trying to pre-release a G5 Powerbook. Is this BS?
i'm holding out for the 42" iMac G5 Home Theatre. arondale
I have a 17" PB 1.5GHz with 1.5GB RAM. You do notice more performance from applications. But, you especially notice more performance when using mutiple applications. Expose still works like a charm.
Expose at it's finest using a 17" PowerMac 1.5Mhz with 1536MB of ram. arondale
After updating OS X to the latest build, I have noticed that "Dictionary", "Translation", and maybe one other channel have dissappeared!!! I use these often, I guess Apple did not renew their contracts with the vendors supplying the content. Any ideas? Anybody notice this? Arondale
I get an error trying to re-install Panther via software restore cd. It will run through checking the drive, and upon installing the software it gives an "error when installing software" message. Is my hard drive bad?
in an apple underground community i read of several people trying to run downloaded versions of Tiger from the web and most without success. One person reported kernal panic errors loading Tiger, with a "failure to load Powerbook5,2 drivers" arondale
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