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@rogifan, nicely put.
"Do people seriously still think this is all about CarPlay on steroids?"   Um, yes. But many of us have simply said a seriously enhanced and expanded Carplay will come _first_ long before we see an Apple personal transportation product. And there's a reason for that.     If you're keeping tabs on the automobile industry you'll know it's changing radically. Ownership is becoming less and less interesting to new drivers and this is causing fits within the...
The Polaroid Cube's doppelganger?
Cook's approach recently has been to make highly divisive statements about its competitors, rather than to stay on message.   I'd really like to see Tim Cook and Apple, generally, keep the message simple. Jobs's statement in 2010 sums it up nicely, in words that even non-technophiles can understand and digest:   "Privacy means people know what they're signing up for in plain english and repeatedly."   Instead, Tim Cook's using statements like the follow, which serve...
"Marchionne's recent meeting with Cook adds fuel to rumors of a so-called "Apple Car,"" Rorschach test? I read that as, Fiat's recent meeting with Cook suggests Apple's road to an eventual Apple car will pass through projects like an enhanced and expanded Carplay.
"Will Apple, or more correctly, will some combination of large shareholders ever be in a position to buy out the shares and take Apple private?"   Isn't the key question, Does Apple generate the cashflow necessary to service the debt associated with taking itself private?
Given how many hand-me-down Apple TVs are in the hands of kids, this seems like a colossal mistake.
IMHO, these vans might have something to do with self-driving cars, but I suspect it has more to do with either Maps or a deep and broad effort to design a transportation-specific iOS product that will allow many manufacturers to "outsource" something they suck at. In car software applications.   Look at 1) how poorly designed these software applications are, even from the "best" automobile manufacturers in the world, 2) how quickly these systems become dated or even...
"but it wasn't a monopoly"   I concur, given that consumers could - and can - still buy physical music at the time.   Regardless, this is win, win, win for the attorneys.
"No one wants to go out and keep buying new cases/accessories/docks every two years for a phone"   When you choose to upgrade your iPhone is entirely up to you, of course. This is true of Apple products or anything else you consume.
New Posts  All Forums: