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IMHO, these vans might have something to do with self-driving cars, but I suspect it has more to do with either Maps or a deep and broad effort to design a transportation-specific iOS product that will allow many manufacturers to "outsource" something they suck at. In car software applications.   Look at 1) how poorly designed these software applications are, even from the "best" automobile manufacturers in the world, 2) how quickly these systems become dated or even...
"but it wasn't a monopoly"   I concur, given that consumers could - and can - still buy physical music at the time.   Regardless, this is win, win, win for the attorneys.
"No one wants to go out and keep buying new cases/accessories/docks every two years for a phone"   When you choose to upgrade your iPhone is entirely up to you, of course. This is true of Apple products or anything else you consume.
 That's all well and fine, but analysts want 200%. That's impossible, of course. But until Apple complies, $GOOG can do no wrong  - despite its shrinking margins, $15b loss on Motorola, the revelation that Microsoft is making more money of of Android than Google itself, etc.
Yes. I figured that was implied when I said it was nearly identical =)
No one's going to mention the Microsoft Empowers Super Bowl ad? It's nearly identical.   Guessing we'll see the making-of video any day now. Did they use Lumias? :-)
 Bromwich won't make the same mistake again.  Word has it that Bromwich already cleared out his calendar to ensure he's free on several important dates (and charged Apple for the privilege of doing so): the Apple holiday office party, Cook's birthday, Ive's birthday, Apple dividend distributions, the judge's case-settlement anniversary bash in St Moritz, etc.
App parity...I'm not convinced that it's been fully realized, but it's coming. What Analyst/Critics like Munster (not a fan) ALWAYS miss is the customer-service factor. Apple's (1) retail stores and (2) customer service philosophy is a killer advantage when considering the device life cycle.
Google's BOD is equally not "diverse" depending on the yardstick. Same goes for Amazon.   Let's play "Beat the Apple Horse". What will critics criticize Apple for next? Come to think of it, there's not much left, is there?
Where did the Apple hate come from? Check out the game tape. The hate started in 1976.
New Posts  All Forums: