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 In reality, that's exactly what Apple _has_ been doing with Siri all along*. Siri is a search engine, albeit not one built the way traditional "search" has been executed to this point. Instead, Siri's search model is modular. Apple can and will continue to plug in whatever relevant search-related service they find beneficial to the service going forward. *Siri searches Apple's properties (iOS, iTunes, the App Store, Maps, etc) and the Web at large (Twitter, Facebook,...
This is a Siri play. It will be added to Siri's functionality and will appeal to the demographic that searches Twitter more often than they search Google.   I'm a bit surprised that Twitter didn't pick up Topsy. They have a history of buying Twitter-related services (beginning with the first Twitter search engine) and now they have more money than Roosevelt. Topsy seems like a natural fit...unless Twitter is already marketing their own analytics package.
Just enough is more. According to so many, Apple's technology "under delivers". Yet moments like these are made "easy", fluid, possible on Apple's products. This galls critics (wall street and tech press) to no end. Perhaps that's because they don't pay close enough attention to what people are doing with iOS and OS X...they're just looking for the bright shinny object.
The Kindle is to a vegetable peeler as the iPad is to a knife. If I can have only one in the kitchen I'll take the knife every time.
 "Dumbing down" of Apple's software is the common objection, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Apple, in my opinion, has done a horrible job of explaining _why_ certain notable decisions have been made. iWork's current transition is yet another perfect example of this. iWork is being pushed in a meaningful way across both OSes (OS X and iOS). In the process certain compromises had to be made in the immediate term. Features will be added "back" across the platform going...
Like an animal? What am I missing here? (Perhaps the reviewer is a huge fan of Touch ID, and using anything less is uncivilized?)Based on the sentence that follows the rating, "you can be fully content that you have nearly the best smartphone available this year outside of iPhone 5s", a rating of 3 seems incongruous.
This is win-win OPPORTUNITY for CI.   AAPL's going up with or without CI. CI knows this and only stands to gain by being an agitator. WIN - WIN for CI.   - CI identified what we ALL know is an undervalued stock. - Apple's faces NO risk of failing (despite what the tech and financial press would have you believe). - With LISTEN TO ME NOW shares in hand, CI's making a public demand that he fully realizes is simply a STARTING point. - CI will NEGOTIATE an...
 Interestingly, perhaps, Samsung's been developing their own Android alternative. The chaos that iOS is wreaking is fascinating.
"Android IS DEAD." It's obviously not dead, but it is fractured to the point where it should be (and likely is) a serious concern for Google.
In Feb. 2007, he joined Microsoft as an %u201Centhusiastic evangelist,%u201D Says so much about Microsoft's often bizarre marketing, and, it has me wondering if I was wrong about Cook.
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