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 Interestingly, perhaps, Samsung's been developing their own Android alternative. The chaos that iOS is wreaking is fascinating.
"Android IS DEAD." It's obviously not dead, but it is fractured to the point where it should be (and likely is) a serious concern for Google.
In Feb. 2007, he joined Microsoft as an %u201Centhusiastic evangelist,%u201D Says so much about Microsoft's often bizarre marketing, and, it has me wondering if I was wrong about Cook.
Nice. I want Ferrer or Keys's endorsement job. Or at least the job of babysitting these clowns after they get paid by Samsung.   The best part of all of this is that guys like @hblodget at @businessinsider will spin this against Apple thusly:   "Apple iPhone Users Are Liars, more gloom for Apple"   "iPhone Used to Spoof Ferrer's GS4, doom for Apple"   They're better a this than I am, but you get the idea. That's why Bezos/Amazon invested that $50m in...
Love these results. Another "analyst" comes away from the Apple scoreboard with egg on his face. The latest, Tom Keene. From about a month ago: "What I see is a generational divide, is that true? Older people use iPhones, younger people use Samsungs." Gong! Where's the hook?! Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/samsungs-galaxy-phone-is-for-young-people-2013-3
This is an Apple disrupter more than a market disrupter. Unless Apple's going to get into the messy business delivery and in-home service of large HDTVs, which have notoriously un-Apple-like margins, I think Apple plans to fill this space with something else.   What about an iTV product lineup? One size? Two? Three? Where does Apple start? 42-inch, then offer a 50-inch and a 60-inch?   In place of the Apple TV with a display, I have been arguing that we'll see an Apple...
There's a hiring trend here that is beginning to bother me. At the risk of creating flame-bait, I rather liked what seemed (from the outside) to be Steve Jobs's ruthless nature when it came to matters like this. Jobs had a technical and philosophical objection to Flash. That alone rules Lynch out. Same goes for Cook's/Apple's recent announcement that they've rehired Trattner, the man (or one of them) behind the insanely horrid Genius ads that ran during the...
This had all the makings of a blue screen of death from the get-go.   The money paid to Kutcher alone would have been enough to produce the definitive documentary on Steve Jobs. That's something I'd pay to see.
I'm not taking a shine to Schiller getting down in the mud.
This is a great story for a few reasons.  Obviously, it challenges the current meme that Apple can't even tie its shoes. I mean, the best-executing company on the planet must be doing _everything_ wrong, right?     I, for one, am glad to see this article. Not because it proves something unrealistic - that Apple Maps is already better than Google Maps - but because it simply demonstrates on public platform that Apple Maps isn't an unmitigated...
New Posts  All Forums: