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Scoreboard, Samsung: it's about the customer experience. Fool an Android customer once. You get the customer-experience you pay for.
Fragmentation is a problem for developers and customers, both.
  Look at the game tape.  Apple's NEVER been that company.  Look at the scoreboard: Last quarter Apple sold more iPhone 5's than Samsung sold Galaxy S IIIs.  Apple also sold more iPhone 4 than Samsung sold Galaxy S IIIs.  They have competition, yes, but this isn't a new phenomenon.   Broadly speaking, Apple's major achievements over the past 30 years include Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad.  Four major product lines in three decades.  The last three of which came in the...
Beginning at 24:30, listen to Cook at the Goldman Sachs conference.  He uses the example of how Apple responded to repeated requests for a low-cost Macintosh when answering questions about a low cost iPhone:   http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/13qpijbvpiqefjbgewrifhbvefqpihbdfv2/event/index.html    "Frankly, we worked on this [sub $500 Macintosh].  But we concluded that we couldn't do a great product, and so we didn't.  What did we do?...instead we invented the...
Couldn't agree more.  But, alas, money isn't the only consideration employees have.
This might not not have deep roots in reality, but a friend of mine is close with a former Apple employee who was poached by Samsung for their mobile division.  His reputation is killer, and Samsung's fortunate to have him.  He went to Samsung about a year ago.  Whether or not he's on the team responsible for S Wallet, it sheds some light on how Samsung might be going about building their Copy Machine. 
I've got Segall's blog post open in the next tab, but even before reading it I have to say I agree that Apple's ads have been missing the target for years.
...and the media will portray this as a malware attack against all Macs.
Not only is the 83% figure impressive, but the fact that iOS6 has been adopted so rapidly contrasts starkly with the issues some (if not most?) Android users have updating their OS.   
@tallestskil: "These are new. Those aren't. Not comparable"   Look up the word "hyperbole", which I used and you didn't include in your quotation, and the comparison to Apple refurbished products will make sense.
New Posts  All Forums: