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There's a hiring trend here that is beginning to bother me. At the risk of creating flame-bait, I rather liked what seemed (from the outside) to be Steve Jobs's ruthless nature when it came to matters like this. Jobs had a technical and philosophical objection to Flash. That alone rules Lynch out. Same goes for Cook's/Apple's recent announcement that they've rehired Trattner, the man (or one of them) behind the insanely horrid Genius ads that ran during the...
This had all the makings of a blue screen of death from the get-go.   The money paid to Kutcher alone would have been enough to produce the definitive documentary on Steve Jobs. That's something I'd pay to see.
I'm not taking a shine to Schiller getting down in the mud.
This is a great story for a few reasons.  Obviously, it challenges the current meme that Apple can't even tie its shoes. I mean, the best-executing company on the planet must be doing _everything_ wrong, right?     I, for one, am glad to see this article. Not because it proves something unrealistic - that Apple Maps is already better than Google Maps - but because it simply demonstrates on public platform that Apple Maps isn't an unmitigated...
Scoreboard, Samsung: it's about the customer experience. Fool an Android customer once. You get the customer-experience you pay for.
Fragmentation is a problem for developers and customers, both.
  Look at the game tape.  Apple's NEVER been that company.  Look at the scoreboard: Last quarter Apple sold more iPhone 5's than Samsung sold Galaxy S IIIs.  Apple also sold more iPhone 4 than Samsung sold Galaxy S IIIs.  They have competition, yes, but this isn't a new phenomenon.   Broadly speaking, Apple's major achievements over the past 30 years include Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad.  Four major product lines in three decades.  The last three of which came in the...
Beginning at 24:30, listen to Cook at the Goldman Sachs conference.  He uses the example of how Apple responded to repeated requests for a low-cost Macintosh when answering questions about a low cost iPhone:   http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/13qpijbvpiqefjbgewrifhbvefqpihbdfv2/event/index.html    "Frankly, we worked on this [sub $500 Macintosh].  But we concluded that we couldn't do a great product, and so we didn't.  What did we do?...instead we invented the...
Couldn't agree more.  But, alas, money isn't the only consideration employees have.
This might not not have deep roots in reality, but a friend of mine is close with a former Apple employee who was poached by Samsung for their mobile division.  His reputation is killer, and Samsung's fortunate to have him.  He went to Samsung about a year ago.  Whether or not he's on the team responsible for S Wallet, it sheds some light on how Samsung might be going about building their Copy Machine. 
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