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Honestly? Did _you_ read it? It's hardly insightful, lazily written (IMHO), and so often trite that I found it very hard to get through. In good time, WI's effort will be roundly assessed to be an underachievement, given WI's unprecedented access to SJ while he was _alive_. What a blundered opportunity.
This is huge news. I'm in at much higher levels. I bought quite a while ago (I think about two years ago, without checking my portfolio), and this is the only solid - no pun intended - news to come out of the company since I've owned the stock. Where $LQMT goes from here, I have no idea, but today I am encouraged.
Same here, anantksundaram. I'm down substantially.Initially, I loved the idea and the rumored connection to Apple. It all added up to a decent gamble...but it's turned out to be rather confounding. It's not a clear-cut loser, yet the rumors don't seem to die off. On "wait and see" mode here. Can't bring myself to sell at a loss. Worse, I can't bring myself to average down, either. Stuck in limbo.
A lot of us tried...many, many times, but the handoff to ATT for eligibility verification timed out. Some people reported trying for hours. I, myself, tried off and on well over two dozen times while working on other projects.
Any word on whether or not Apple Retail Stores will have stock available for purchase on the 24TH?
Has any unreleased software product ever enjoyed so many posts? Not only is it unattractive, M$ knows how to drag out product releases to the point where it's actually aggravating.
This is going to make ATT a whole new batch of angry customers. When this topic first came up a few weeks ago, eligibility, I knew ATT wasn't telling customers everything they needed to know about the upgrade pricing. We'll see how it all shakes out.
That's flawed logic. There are plenty of customers who will flee AT$T at the first opportunity. Many of whom left Verizon for the iPhone, and will be thrilled to return.
What is it with the content providers? They are either at one extreme (free) or at the other ($). Micropayments are still not on the radar: market to the elite eat with the masses, market to the masses and eat with the elite. I'm not going to pretend to know what they should price hulu at, but $10/month, or 1/6th of a cable package, is redonkulous.
Something tells me that not everything here meets the eye. I suspect that while some of us with the 3GS have had our dates updated (I checked mine yesterday, and it's also june 21, 2010), I wouldn't be at all surprised if we're eligible for a discount of some kind, but not all eligible for the _full_ discount.
New Posts  All Forums: