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Something tells me that not everything here meets the eye. I suspect that while some of us with the 3GS have had our dates updated (I checked mine yesterday, and it's also june 21, 2010), I wouldn't be at all surprised if we're eligible for a discount of some kind, but not all eligible for the _full_ discount.
A solution could not come soon enough. I can barely get a signal when using the iPad in some areas in my house. This in places where my iPhone, etc, get a full signal. Fix this, pronto.
I agree and disagree. Subjectively, I've never used a more unreliable network than AT&T. My wife and I chat daily, via two iPhones (2G and 3GS), and we drop three or four times a given conversation. It's a running joke and HUGE frustration both. So, not many will remember AT$T's mMode, which preceded the iPhone by something like five years, but they made the same claims about it: "We're investing and building out the network, stick with us as we're getting better all the...
Bloody cuss, unfortunately some of us (read my wife) are forced to use this stuff for professional reasons.
So, is this yet another typical M$ announcement, wherein a new product is promised ... at some point in the future? Or, did that post put a date on the release? The post was too long, and too similar to previous Office 2011 posts.
I took my iPhone 3GS into the Boulder ARS for a repair, and the Genius checked the external _and_ internal moisture indicators. He told me that he would check them all, but if the internal had tripped he couldn't warranty it. I run and cycle, etc, with my iPhone and wasn't surprised that the external indicators were red. The internal indicator had not. Apple fixed my phone under warranty.
Forget the guys who built the Classics interface. I bet the first bookstore to display books like this is steaming, too.
This is not new. Apple "asked" developers and product manufacturer to refrain from using word "iPod" in their name(s) years ago.
ASCII: Couldn't agree more. And given what Apple has invested in QT and perhaps what they stand to lose, why would SJ want Flash on the iPhone? What Apple should (and might well be trying to do) is negotiate with Adobe to buy Flash. That all said, I hate Flash, but I want it on my iPhone until QT takes over.
With 18.5B in cash, why Apple doesn't test market products like this (read Newton form factor) is a bit of a mystery to me. I want a Mac I can put in my pocket. The iPhone is close. Eee PC's 9-inch (even a 7-inch) is a size I would snap up if Apple would build one; very close to the size of the eMate, which I actually liked and used for a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: