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Very good point. Another reason, clearly, why Apple looses when shipping a locked handset. A one year exclusive with AT&T might have made sense, but the rumored (as it's never been formerly announced that I know of) 5 to 8 years will really give other handset makers an advantage. The argument from the beginning has been that Apple needed to partner with a carrier "to learn the business." I think that might have applied to the mobile business in the 80's and 90's, but...
You're missing two crucial points. First, the number of unlocked iPhones has to be way above anything Apple initially calculated for. Secondly, Apple looses monthly revenue from each iPhone not activated on one of their partners' network.I, for one, am not surprised at all by the high number of unlocked iPhones, but I do not think Apple (or AT&T for that matter) expected that as many as 1-in-4 iPhones would be unlocked. (I think that number is closer to 30-35% myself). ...
Wow. What a fatfest. Blimps in line, blimps using Segways to hit the can. Maybe Apple should mix in a few treadmills into the line.
Couldn't agree more. AT&T is the corporate antithesis of Apple. Where Apple is often viewed as charging more than their competitor (much better now in the last 48-months than it's ever been, I must say), they consistently deliver MORE. AT&T charges more and delivers LESS than their competitors. I say this having been a near-30 year Apple customer and a former four year AT&T Wireless customer. It's simply a subjective opinion.The fact that AT&T won't release their...
The headline suggests the the iPhone has the potential to bankrupt Apple. That's absurd at face value.
Hands down, the Nike+iPod SK is the best Apple product I've bought in years (my first was purchased in 1986). The Web interactivity is absolutely killer. If you're at all curious about the SK, log into Nike's site and see what they offer. It's insanely great. I'm hoping against hope that Apple and Nike offer a cycling-specific Sport Kit. I'm also looking for Apple to introduce a iPod Sport, which will have the Nike+ built in.
Wonder how long it will be before we read stories about heads rolling at Apple related to the KR iPhone story. Surely someone's going to pay for the leak if Apple's history of punishing leakers is still a good indication of their present position.
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