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This is not new. Apple "asked" developers and product manufacturer to refrain from using word "iPod" in their name(s) years ago.
ASCII: Couldn't agree more. And given what Apple has invested in QT and perhaps what they stand to lose, why would SJ want Flash on the iPhone? What Apple should (and might well be trying to do) is negotiate with Adobe to buy Flash. That all said, I hate Flash, but I want it on my iPhone until QT takes over.
With 18.5B in cash, why Apple doesn't test market products like this (read Newton form factor) is a bit of a mystery to me. I want a Mac I can put in my pocket. The iPhone is close. Eee PC's 9-inch (even a 7-inch) is a size I would snap up if Apple would build one; very close to the size of the eMate, which I actually liked and used for a bit.
Ha. Another day, another leak. Wonder if apple's attorneys are enforcing the NDA mike signed as we speak.
Agreed. But I feel that this is at the very crux of the matter. While Apple doesn't enjoy 60% margins, as mentioned by someone above, they do pull in about 20% margins on hardware, which makes them far and away a best performer in their category. As such, I said that Apple's price points are great for shareholders but not for customers. Now the issue: there is a large contingent of us out there that have no problem paying for Macs. We understand fully the value...
I was _not_ commenting on value. You get _more_ than you pay for with a Mac. Period. Those who know me, know that I bought my first Mac in High School (1986) and that I've never bought a PC and never will. But that puts me in the vast minority of computer users, then and now. I originally posted simply to make the point that Apple needs to compete at the low end, and has since the very beginning. This "study" of declining PC prices is just a reminder that Apple still...
Great for shareholders, but not so great for potential Switchers.
Double check your dates.
Remind yourself of when the iPhone went on sale and when the iPod Touch went on sale. Millions of buyers bought the iPhone in that space of time. Millions. Wu confirms exactly what I expected to see. In fact, I think these numbers are still fairly low (See my posts from yesterday on the iPhone). My guess is that 1 in 3 iPhones might be unlocked (and/or un-activated). When the 3G iPhone ships, expect these numbers to grow, perhaps exponentially. Remember, 3G is widely...
Very good point. Another reason, clearly, why Apple looses when shipping a locked handset. A one year exclusive with AT&T might have made sense, but the rumored (as it's never been formerly announced that I know of) 5 to 8 years will really give other handset makers an advantage. The argument from the beginning has been that Apple needed to partner with a carrier "to learn the business." I think that might have applied to the mobile business in the 80's and 90's, but...
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