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I assume you mean PPI, not DPI? These terms are often mistaken for each other. DPI: Dots Per Inch. In printing there are thousands of dots per inch. PPI: Pixels Per Inch. On screens we use pixels. The new iPad has 264 pixels per inch.
I took great care of my black 3G and never dropped it but it cracked up the back. They did quickly replace it no questions asked. I was impressed by this, but at the same time I am really worried. Out of curiosity I asked what could be done to prevent this. They told me to make sure to use a case. This is poor reasoning; they assume that we should use cases because of their defect? Because they have made no effort to correct this issue, I am basically screwed when...
I could not agree with you more. Apple is not going to make a stupid error such as a stationary click wheel when the screen is landscape. As always, there may be SOME truth to this photo, but photo is NOT the new nano. PS. For the very reason Rose is putting himself out there and not fearing backlash, I think Rose is helping apple on this post. Apple has been known to release fake information to get us all distracted.
Don't get me wrong I will never go buy a dell or hp, but come on Apple why do you keep using inferior plastics. This is the same exact problem we had with the MacBooks keyboard surface. Both my wife, sister, and sister in law all have the same problem with their computers. If Apple truly wants to set themselves apart they cannot afford stupid errors like this. They need to switch to a better grade of plastic or just stick to aluminum. I am hoping this is just a mistake...
Should have maybe wiped these phones off before taking photos. But oh well. Thanks for the pics.
Shame on you AI for reporting this. This is old news.
No Kidding! Dupri really shows how completely stupid he is. I wonder if he has ever had to buy his own computer. I also wonder if he has used a computer. News flash, you can buy stuff separately. What a moron. Also, these artists better stop making crappy tracks to fill albums, because we have a choice now, thanks to Jobs revolutionary idea. If you don't make a great album, I don't have to buy the entire thing. There are many whole albums I have bought off iTunes. Yea,...
Although I like Apple, I swear the majority of the geniuses are ignorant. It seems as though they drank the kool-aid and would die for Jobs himself. They typically play the role of a guilty plaintiff, deny, deny, deny. Apple has great products, but their employees desperately need customer service training. (They ARE getting better though, it used to be a whole lot worse)
Righto! Nothing but a lame publicity stunt. Did you notice in the YouTube clip that Motorola and Sony Ericcson elimintaed "most" hazordous chemicals? Nice wording there eh? It seems as if they are no better. Yea, as stated above, guess no one should eat their iPhone. (Does that mean I can eat a Nokia phone and be ok?)
People! The Bluetooth Wireless keyboard was developed for home use. It is a keyboard designed for casual computer users, that would be more likely to set the keyboard on their lap. Kitchen nook, cubbie hole desk, fold out desk. The wired keyboard (yea, the one with the number pad) is for the number crunchers, and of course those who fear change. If you want the keypad then get the wired one! This is totally not rocket science. Stop your unfounded whining. You don't...
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