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Cell phones represent the same threat to privacy as Google Glass but you don't seem paranoid about people taking penis shots with them. As a new device, Glass represents even less of a threat because a) the level of ownership is so low there's probably as much chance being struck by lightning then having a Glass owner standing at the urinal next to you (not even factoring the tiny chance it's a person looking to get a money shot) and b) the activity is far more conspicuous...
What does price have to do with anything? Consoles are in the category of set top boxes, i.e., you put it on a shelf and probably never move it again.And maybe this will illustrate my point. If Apple and Roku have 80% of the narrowly defined "set-top streaming device" category but represent only 20% of actual streamed content, doesn't that paint a very different picture of the "dominance" of these devices?This article is trying to paint Apple as one of the leaders of...
Without factoring in game consoles, these numbers are just smoke and mirrors nonsense. Where would those percentages fall factoring in the PS3/4 and Xbox 360/One? Considering how Netflix announced last December that the PS3 was the most used set-top device accessing their content, it would clearly present a very different picture. Where would they fall factoring in TiVo and connected TVs? They'd probably be reduced back to niche players where they actually fall.
What part of fiscal year do you not understand? That's 150 million in a year, or an average of 37.5 million per quarter.
I'm not "everybody" but I want an iPhone with a bigger screen. It's my biggest complaint with the device and will probably be the reason I replace my iPhone 4S with an Android device. I was okay with the screen size until I bought an iPad but now it feels tiny (I'm reminded of Jobs' famous "sand paper" comment). Sorry if you don't understand why somebody would want a larger screen iPhone but at the end of the day you're not "everybody" anymore than I am.
Considering how they have extremely similar interfaces, I'm going to call BS on this. Google Maps even has bigger buttons so it's actually easier to use than Apple Maps. Apple Maps confusing uses what looks like an information icon (the "i" in the circle) to access map settings and everything just seems further away and not as easy to access. Although it might be nonstandard, it's also nice Google having access to the map settings without having to make your way through...
I don't care who designed it, it's just not that attractive.
 The chip is in the cup. So the soda machine will only activate when a cup with an active chip is near it.
[[SPOILER]]Considering there's only 3 paragraphs (aka, run-on sentences) actually talking about Google Web Designer, I'd hardly call it an advertisement. The rest is the typical Dilger, "Why Google sux and Apple rox" BS.It's funny hearing NFC described as a failure when Disney is making a huge push with it at their parks. Everything is using NFC (park admission, payments, room keys, even the refillable cups). Not bad for a "failed" tech.
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