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Well, since you're saying the ear pods are free, 10 x 0 is 0 so yes they might be better than other headphone that cost nothing. If you're going with their retail price of $29 and stating their better than $290 headphones, you're starting to spout nonsense. Outside of their actual electronic device core (Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPod), Apple is pretty dreadful at hardware.
I know you've always acted like kind of a d1ck, but really? You actually want thousands of people unemployed simply because they make a competing product? (And yes, I do believe you were serious with your comment.)I know quite a few people with the means to purchase any phone they wish who purchased an Android phone instead of an iPhone. And they're all much more mentally stable than I am (who owns an iPhone). Of course they're all IT people with the ability to judge tech...
This article says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Apple's iAds vs. Google's mobile ads. Neverr forget that.And for the other people commenting with similar reading comprehension problems, I'll repeat it:This article says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Apple's iAds vs. Google's mobile ads.Google doesn't give two sh1ts whether you're on iOS or android as long as you're getting their ads.
How would that be any different if an iOS using friend gave the Facebook app permission to their contacts? Since on either platform you have to explicitly give permission for an app to access your contacts. Despite what the article title would have you believe, the Android Facebook app is only sending the phone number of the device it is installed on, not the phone's entire contacts list (which it can't do since it doesn't yet have permission to access it.). Yes, that's...
  A good editor wouldn't publish Dilger's trash "articles." They're not news articles. They're ego-stroking for Apple fans.   He really has only ever written one story: Apple is awesome! Microsoft/Google/(Insert Latest Company to Compete Against Apple Here) sux!!!!
  It's a Dilger "article." This is what you should expect from him (i.e., neither quality nor professionalism).
  Consoles have never had an advantage over PCs when it comes to graphics so I don't really understand this comment. About the only thing I can think of is the graphical power of a new console is greater than the average graphical power of a PC. But that's only because the PC market ranges from cheap $300 models up to multi thousand dollar setups. 
Well said.
I was tempted to apologize for calling you a fool, but I've decided to add on that you're an idiot too. Or maybe I should say ignoramus so that I can follow your example and throw in multisyllabic words to make myself sound more intelligent than the idiotic crap you keep posting.I'm bisexual. I'm transgendered. I didn't chose to be either of those things. Hence, it's not a choice. But again that's just another of my continuing fallacious arguments. You talk of "fallacious...
  Hey kettle, thanks for calling the pot black! Or did you forget your earlier comment?  
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