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  A good editor wouldn't publish Dilger's trash "articles." They're not news articles. They're ego-stroking for Apple fans.   He really has only ever written one story: Apple is awesome! Microsoft/Google/(Insert Latest Company to Compete Against Apple Here) sux!!!!
  It's a Dilger "article." This is what you should expect from him (i.e., neither quality nor professionalism).
  Consoles have never had an advantage over PCs when it comes to graphics so I don't really understand this comment. About the only thing I can think of is the graphical power of a new console is greater than the average graphical power of a PC. But that's only because the PC market ranges from cheap $300 models up to multi thousand dollar setups. 
Well said.
I was tempted to apologize for calling you a fool, but I've decided to add on that you're an idiot too. Or maybe I should say ignoramus so that I can follow your example and throw in multisyllabic words to make myself sound more intelligent than the idiotic crap you keep posting.I'm bisexual. I'm transgendered. I didn't chose to be either of those things. Hence, it's not a choice. But again that's just another of my continuing fallacious arguments. You talk of "fallacious...
  Hey kettle, thanks for calling the pot black! Or did you forget your earlier comment?  
  How about you address my point?   Since you want the government out of personal relationships, basically giving people free reign to treat people anyway they want.   Do you think that blacks should still be forced to used different bathrooms than whites? Or that women shouldn't be allowed to vote?    That's where we'd be without government intervention into personal relationships. I know there are quite a few people out there who would be more than happy to bring those...
  You are a fool.   It is absolutely the business of the government to ensure a fair playing field for all of it's citizens. That requires interference in personal relationships because history clearly shows that humans very rarely do that willing.   Or maybe you think that blacks should still be forced to used different bathrooms than whites. Or that women shouldn't be allowed to vote.
I think the issue concerns showing app data or what could be perceived as app data on an icon. If it's going to look like app data, it should be real data. It shouldn't be like the icon for iCal in OS X was for the longest time. Or like the Weather icon has been in iOS with the constant display of 73 degrees. Or perpetually stuck showing a time of 10:15.
Why is the assumption that they're haters? Can't people poke fun at the mighty Apple or does that bother your delicate sensibilities too much?
New Posts  All Forums: