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Ah, now i feel silly. Wish you could get an iPhone in that red.
Did anyone else notice that the iRadio page on apple.com shows iPhone 5 looking phones which the metal band in anodized red and blue colors?
Thus the accusations of price fixing. It takes away any point of shopping around because you know Apple will always have the lowest price. And since there's no particular convenience difference, it becomes moot who you buy from. Thus highly anticompetitive. Especially since Apple has made it inconvenient for anyone but themselves to sell content on their mobile devices. Price matching comes at the expense of profits.
  Didn't score well on reading comprehension, did you? They can sell to other resellers at lower prices but must immediately sell to Apple at that same price. Hence, "The clause precludes them from selling said content to other retailers for lower prices." It's not that complicated.   Maybe some pseudo-code would help:   applePrice = publisher.getApplePrice(); amazonPrice = publisher.getAmazonPrice();   if (applePrice > amazonPrice) {    applePrice = amazonPrice; }
  Actually, it says exactly that. The publisher could set prices differently for different resellers, but whatever the lowest price was always what Apple's price would be. It couldn't set a price of $13.99 for Apple and $10.99 for Amazon. If it tried to do that, the Apple price became $10.99. Although it could do the reverse, say set a price of $10.99 for Apple and $13.99 for Amazon.
  Nice backtracking there. You post a link to article that makes no mention of Amazon threatening to pull a publisher's books if they sign with Apple and when someone calls BS, your response is, "Well it doesn't matter whether they really did or not." Typical AppleInsider comment. Why bother with facts when you can just make shit up?
That would assume the vast majority of iPhone buyers are elistic pricks. Despite the high preponderous of such people on this site, I don't think most of the purchasing public is like that. I see plenty of women walking around with iPhones in cases with bunny ears and bedazzled to the point the phone won't lie flat. I doubt they're going to be put off if the next iPhone comes in pink, red or neon green. In fact, I think it might increase sales on the high end as people...
Yes, it ranks up there with crap names like OS X and iPad.
Oh please, we both know that is actually bullshit. I know you're not that stupid. It might be technically true, but that is due to the outrageous loopholes in the tax code. Apple has their IP held by a company in Ireland that exists only on paper so that it can claim less profits in the US because of IP royalties paid to the Ireland based shell company (which is getting taxed a whopping 2% by the Irish government). They are paying nowhere 35% on US profits or elsewhere in...
  How exactly are these attacks "unwarranted" in your mind? Apple is using creative loopholes to avoid paying billions in taxes to the federal government. The only way I could argue that they are unwarranted is that the other companies using the same or similar tactics should be getting hammered on this too. Apple's unpaid taxes alone could fund several of the social programs that conservatives are itching to cut.    I'm not going to feel sorry for Apple because one of...
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