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In all your blathering rush to call him an ass, you never even bothered to say HOW the cameras were different. Did you ever stop to think maybe his comment was based on the photo included with the article? The images from the 4/4S/5 look extremely similar in detail quality, with only a difference in hue. Just like he stated. But of course he's the one being an ass
Like the Pepsi/iTunes promotions in the early days of the ipod where millions of songs were given away for free?
Probably because the original thread I commented on was actually suggesting Apple should open up iCloud/iCloud photos to a wider array of devices, not licensing it for others to use. Thus commenting on iTunes was in the same vein as the original comment. If Apple had kept iTunes or the iPhone locked exclusively to OS X, the mobile device landscape would probably look very different than it does today.
Short memory? Apple DID bring iTunes to Windows. I doubt we'd be having a conversation right now if Apple hadn't made that move. Or if we were, it would be on Microsoft fan site and you'd be pining for the good old days when Apple still existed. And how well do you think the iPhone would have done if Apple had restricted it to only Macs?
  You do realize that web pages can check to see whether an app is installed already on an iOS device? So if Apple feels that ability is okay for a web page, what bullshit security risk are you going to come up with that would force Apple to remove the feature? I'm guessing you really don't have one but you hate the idea that this feature gives some advantage to Google thus you want it taken it away. It would honestly be helpful if your arguments were based on something...
That's kind of nonsense. If you use the software and create a movie, it's NOT inaccessible. If you use photoshop and produce some piece of art, that's not going away. If you actually finish something with these tools, it's going to come out in a format that isn't locked to Adobe software. The only thing will be inaccessible is the intermediary pieces of your final output.
I bought an iPad w/retina display and I have to say it's really painful switching back to using the seemingly tiny screen on my iPhone 4S. It really reminds me of that jab Jobs made about 7" tablet users having to file their fingers; that's how i feel trying to press the tiny iphone buttons now! Despite the size I'd consider ditching the iPhone completely if the iPad could make phone calls.
  And my iPhone 4S slipped out of my coat pocket and fell about 3 feet onto concrete. Both the front and back glass were cracked. I'm sure if you look you can find someone that ran over their iPhone with a car and didn't have a scratch. I'm also sure you can find someone else who dropped theirs three inches and ended up with a cracked screen.   Personal anecdotes don't say anything about the real durability of a phone.
  I think its better than the 50 shades of grey Apple's iOS/OS X are sporting...
  There's still something linking that number with you. Google probably uses some sort of generated key to store voice clips too. Perhaps it's whatever key your Google account already has but it really doesn't matter. Honestly, there's really no difference between how these 2 companies are storing the data except that as someone pointed out, Google gives you an explicit way to actually completely sever that link.
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