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Yes, because all gay people do is f**k and think about who they're going to f**k next. Prejudiced much or just a prick?
What are the two of you smoking? What does Google have to do with Apple's lack of a monopoly on digital media? (I mean of course besides just your hatred of Google.)Apple has only had anything resembling a monopoly on digital media in regards to music and even then for a very long time CD sales continued to outstrip Apple. Apple never had a monopoly on digital distribution of movies or TV. The studios made sure of that after seeing the huge amount of control Apple wielded...
It's the combination of "we" and "all" that was my point not simply "we" by itself. It would be a weird thing for Jobs to say if he were just referring to Apple and HC. The phrase "we all" implies more than two. If it were in reference to just the two companies, it would have been more natural to just say "we" or "we both" but that's not what he said.
  If they'd bought that plaque from Apple, it would have been $12.99...   I think the important thing in the email isn't the discussion of price, it's the repeated use of "we all" in the text: "...we'll all fail.", "...we can all...". It sort of blows away the concept that Apple was negotiating in a vacuum with the book publishers. And that was part of Apple's claim, that they negotiated individually with the book publishers. They all knew what Apple was doing. Couple...
  It's weird. The last time a security firm issued an alert for OS X, the general theme here was that they were blowing it out of proportion. That they were only interested in selling AV software to Mac users. And over half a million Macs got infected. But anytime malware on Android gets mentioned, it's, "Aha, see Android is a virus ridden piece of sh-t!!!" What reason does F-Secure have to really look for malware on iOS since they KNOW they aren't going to allowed to...
(Double post)
What does live TV have to do with Netflix? Netflix has NEVER been a first run service. You will always be at least a season behind, but for $8 a month who can complain? When you start with faulty logic, you're going to come to faulty conclusions.
In all your blathering rush to call him an ass, you never even bothered to say HOW the cameras were different. Did you ever stop to think maybe his comment was based on the photo included with the article? The images from the 4/4S/5 look extremely similar in detail quality, with only a difference in hue. Just like he stated. But of course he's the one being an ass
Like the Pepsi/iTunes promotions in the early days of the ipod where millions of songs were given away for free?
Probably because the original thread I commented on was actually suggesting Apple should open up iCloud/iCloud photos to a wider array of devices, not licensing it for others to use. Thus commenting on iTunes was in the same vein as the original comment. If Apple had kept iTunes or the iPhone locked exclusively to OS X, the mobile device landscape would probably look very different than it does today.
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